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8 Awesome Home Remedies to Recover from Dengue

Home Remedies to Recover from Dengue Fever

For me, travelling is more than a journey, it is a feeling. It has always given me the freedom to be myself. Visiting the historical structures fascinates me a lot. While I have been to many across India, the breathtaking epitome of love at Agra was next on my list. I have grown up listening to the stories of Taj Mahal. Exploring it was a dream which I was now fulfilling with my friends. Arguably, the most enthralling piece of architecture, just one glance at the monument will convey you the love Shah Jahan shared with his queen. It was just about time for my train and my mind was still enjoying what it had seen some time ago. As I was reaching the station, I could sense something was wrong with me.

Why was I not feeling at my best? Was I getting sick?

Yes, my body was beginning to burn. But I had to get back home. A deep breath was enough to relax me. I assured myself I was okay as I sat in the train. But I could still feel myself burning. I could feel strange sensations and pounding headaches. My friends were worried and so were the other kind travellers sitting near us. With chills and fever, they put me to sleep until I was home.

Home Remedies to Recover from Dengue
Home Remedies to Recover from Dengue

Though my whole body felt beaten, being home was a comfort. Finally, the doctor was called to check me. We couldn’t believe the thermometer. The 39 degree rating called for an immediate medical check-up. The tests performed later were clear that I had dengue fever. I was infected and I didn’t even know! Pain behind the eyes, high fever, severe headaches, intense joint and muscle pain, really itchy skin rashes and excessive vomiting left me bedridden for at least 2 weeks. That tiny mosquito bite was more than enough to beat my experience at the Taj Mahal. But now i have come to realise why the gift of health is, for real, a blessing.

Sadly, life can come to an unexpected route any moment.

While we may do everything we can to prevent the disease from happening to us, we cannot be fully sure of its occurrence. If ever it ought to happen, a strong immune system would be at our rescue. For me, beating the dengue symptoms with a weak immune system would have been a serious struggle. Fortunately, I had always been careful with what I ate and how much I ate. Yet, The effect of drugs in my system affected me with puking and fatigue at times. Dengue fever medicines can hurt wallets quite a lot. Luckily, I had my hands on a few amazing home remedies for dengue prevention and treatment. These have worked so well for me. A recovery as speedy as this one can astonish anybody.

Do you know why the demand for extracts has gone up?

Dried papaya leaf for Dengue
Dried papaya leaf for Dengue

The traditional medicinal stores would agree with the fact that the demand for dried papaya leaves has increased a lot. Alongside conventional dengue fever treatment, papaya extracts can be used as an alternative therapy. Traditional medicine texts clearly tell us papaya can be used for treating various health problems. Whether or not papaya can help with dengue treatment is a myth to some. But if, for the last 15 years, people have been using it to improve the platelet count then there has to be some truth to the myth.

The chemicals, papain and chymopapain, found within the fruit are good for platelets. Ayurvedic doctors do opine papaya cannot be used when the virus is at an intense stage. But for a speedy recovery, it would be great. A surprising natural remedy for dengue fever prevention, I have seen significant improvement in me. The juice of papaya leaves is surely effective. However, in case of pregnant women, I will certainly not recommend this treatment method. As papain is found in abundance in papaya leaves and seeds, it is likely to cause miscarriages. It could be dangerous for the unborn baby too.

While sickness was still daunting, my mother would get some fresh papaya leaves from a mature tree. She would wash them well and take off the fibrous stem. Next, these were juiced or crushed to have the juice out. 1 leaf has only 1 tablespoon of juice. Crushing 2 leaves would be advisable. I had the juice, with some water, at least twice a day, every 6 hours on an empty stomach. Honestly, it doesn’t taste great at all. But I was willing to do everything I could to recover from fatigue. If anything bitter is intolerable for you too, hold your nose and gulp the juice in one shot.

Do you trust in the power of orange juice? Well, I have started to.

Orange juice for Dengue fever
Orange juice for Dengue fever

Orange is quite a popular fruit. With countless health and medicinal benefits, it helps in the overall development of the body. But more so than that, it has a taste and fragrance so unbeatable. Although I do like to eat fruits, but I haven’t developed a habit yet to eat them a lot. Fruit juice is an exception and when it comes to orange juice, I just can’t say no. For children too, since they can be tough to handle when it comes to fruits, juice would be something they would love to have, without you compelling them.While dengue is one of the worst viral infections, not every remedy for it is bitter. Orange juice is a pleasant and miraculous drink you would love to have to recover. I totally enjoyed it. True, my diet included many foods which were either bitter or devoid of any taste. But orange juice really gave me a break.

Orange juice has high amounts of vitamin C that make the immune system healthy. And the antioxidants in it protect against the radical damage in the body. So, even when you are not affected by this virus, you should have the drink regularly. You can certainly expect better immune functioning. Orange juice isn’t something that is rare to find. It is available in plenty of options. But freshly squeezed orange juice would be best, not only in taste, but in quality as well. Afternoon would be the best time for it. But the juice should not be very cold.

Should coconut water be a part of your liquid diet?

Coconut water in Dengue fever
Coconut water in Dengue fever

Before I tell you whether coconut water would be ideal for dengue patients, you may be wondering why I am suggesting so many liquids that can help you recover or prevent dengue fever altogether. When your body is under the attack of this virus, dehydration is likely to be caused. You may be reluctant to drink water every time. Also, water alone might not be as beneficial in recovery as the other doctor-approved drinks I am suggesting here.

So, coming back to coconut water, being a natural source of water, it has all the necessary minerals and electrolytes. It definitely helped me maintain the fluid levels of my body. As a part of my everyday diet in the recuperation days, coconut water helped me to return to normal state of health. Though you can drink it any time of the day, morning hours would be recommended to reap the maximum benefits.

Why the high nutrient and fiber value of porridge aids you against the virus?

Food in Dengue fever
Food in Dengue fever

Porridge is a soft and pureed food which even healthcare specialists recommended me. Porridge can be easily swallowed by dengue patients. Also, it gets digested without any hassle. The ancients have known it as a rich food for breakfast. They relished it even when they were in the pink of health and bursting with energy. It supplied them with modest amounts of proteins. Dalia, as we call it in India, has a delish taste. It would be most suitable for breakfast.

Personally speaking, porridge added more to the strength of my body to fight against the disease. I preferred my porridge with blueberries, almonds and raisins. You too can try to upgrade yours with these. Don’t worry whether the ingredients you are adding are savoury or not. It will absorb the flavour of these when you cook.

And here is the last bit of advice we all should take seriously

Shockingly, dengue fever kills as many as 25,000 people every year. What we don’t realise is that there is no definite cure for it. Only the symptoms can be reduced and that too when the patient has the strength to fight the deadly virus. This is one painful form of illness that has been affecting us since centuries. Prevention of dengue fever is something we should do without being told. But even more important than that is to identify the symptoms quickly and get the treatment done as soon as possible.