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8 Reasons to grow basil indoors

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Revered by the ancient science of Ayurveda, the sacred basil herb is widely found in India. To have a tulsi plant or tree at or near home is a blessing to Hindus. But do you know why? The plant, being a manifestation of Goddess Tulsi, is worshipped in almost every region of India. Indeed, it is one of the favorable herbal plants most sacred to Hindus. Basil flowers taste similar to the leaves. That is why some people prefer to add these to recipes. But, to grow it indoors, there are other reasons too. It has great medicinal value. The queen of herbs is blessed with restorative and spiritual properties. As per a popular saying, every household that has basil growing indoors is like a pilgrimage. As many as 3000 years ago, ancient Indians were well aware of holy basil’s therapeutic powers. Their widespread use of the basil plant as a medicine clears it all. Its uses and medicinal properties have been fighting disorders and diseases ever since. Here we will guide you with diseases the land is suffering from and is likely to develop. Making basil a part of your diet will help you be away from these.

1. Tulsi is a potent weapon against cancer

Researchers believe the ubiquitous basil can fight against cancers of all kinds. Upon grinding basil leaves, eugenol, the anti-cancerous compound is obtained. In the pharmaceutical industry, eugenol has immense value. It has shown to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Surprisingly, researchers in America too are interested in treating cancer the holistic way. They opine basil tree leaves are one treatment that will take care of cancer of all kinds.

2. Tulsi is an effective herb that brings down fever

Falling prey to infections, especially fever, is very common. Gulping down cough syrups or lowering body temperature with strong medicines has become our instant approach. When the next time you suspect symptoms of fever, just pick at least 10 tulsi leaves. Extract the juice and add a little water. Drink the tulsi leaves juice every 2 to 3 hours to bring down your body temperature. This treatment will be really effective for children as Well.

3. The herb native to India is beneficial for diabetics

Many diabetics choose to take tulsi as a supplement. That is why increasing numbers of tulsi are being planted not just in India but throughout the world. For type 2 diabetics, science has the evidence that holy basil increases insulin secretion. It lowers post-meal blood glucose levels. Holy basil leaf powder, when consumed daily, will reduce fasting blood glucose levels.

4. Tulsi plant doubles the power of liver

Basil herb is helpful for yet another reason. Among the numerous health benefits of tulsi, with its anti-inflammatory properties, it protects the liver as well. Many people have developed the habit of drinking fresh tulsi juice for good health. Liver generates glycogen, proteins and removes toxic waste that results during digestion or circulation. It works continuously to give the body energy. Tulsi juice helps it to function better.

5. Wondrously, Basil covers the loss of pigmentation

Leucoderma or vitiligo is a condition wherein the skin loses its color. The milky white patches appearing on skin can be reduced with basil. The capability of the herb in taking care of the skin cannot be doubted. Melanin is the pigment that gives human skin its color. Excess of melanin will darken the skin while less melanin will make it lighter. Application of dried basil leaves powder can be a great cure for the disorder.

6. Basil is a virtual tonic for leprosy

Leprosy is a chronic disease that can disfigure the skin sores. Since the ancient times, the disease has been affecting the humans. The terrifying disease can stigmatize the patients quite considerably. The Indian herb is known for combating and treating various skin disorders. Daily intake of tulsi leaf extract in the morning will help leprosy infected individuals in recovery. A paste of its leaves and lemon juice can also be formed. Applying these on the affected areas has proved to be very effective.

7. Few leaves of basil are enough to combat malarial fevers

Malaria is quite common in several regions of the world. The mosquito-borne disease causes chilling fever, rashes on the body, vomiting, tiredness, and severe headaches. In the initial stages of the disease, just a handful of leaves would be great to kill the disease without any side effects. A warm concentration of Tulsi, jaggery, lemon juice and black pepper should be consumed every 2 to 3 hours during the fever.

8. Basil is very good for your teeth

Unbelievably, chewing basil leaves could be a side effect for your teeth. While some believe eating tulsi leaves can be disrespectful to the Goddess Tulsi, some think big amounts of mercury and iron are released in the process. Freshly extracted juice will be the best remedy for mouth ulcers. Basil tea would be one of the delicious forms you can enjoy the benefits of the herb. For tooth pain or cavities, applying tulsi juice directly would be a good cure. India honors the wide range of beneficial qualities of holy basil. Quite surprisingly, there is never a wrong time to plant the holy basil. So if you don’t have one at home, you can have it planted now. Make sure you have enough knowledge about how to grow basil. And while you plant it, we will advise you to place the pot in your garden or balcony for healthy growth of the plant.