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15 Most Effective Home Remedies to Destroy Diabetes

In my previous blog, I shared with you some of the easiest and effective home remedies for diabetes. As you would know, controlling your blood sugar level naturally can become a lot easier if you take the natural way. I am really overwhelmed to see your fondness for my pieces of writing. But more than that, I will be pleased to care for you in every way I can. So here I am, back with 15 more awesome and simpler home remedies for rooting off diabetes. Let’s have a look at these too.

1. Black plum for diabetes: Do you know black plum can be a diabetic’s best friend? These berries will overwhelm you with their unbelievable flavor. These are fat-free and naturally low in calories. They will keep your sugar levels normal and also prevent carbohydrates from converting into blood sugar. So gobble these everyday!

2. Garlic for diabetes: Consuming garlic is really safe for diabetics. You may already know that diabetes can increase the risk of atherosclerosis. Garlic has the power to fight this inflammation. Garlic has an anti-tumor effect and controls blood pressure as well. Crushing one or two garlic cloves and eating them raw on an empty stomach would be best for you.

3. Fig leaf for diabetes: Sometimes dealing with this disease can be really hard. But fig leaves will always be your saviour. With the anti-diabetic properties of these, you can completely do away with insulin injections. Take some fresh fig leaves. Boil them for at least 15 minutes and then strain. I will suggest you to drink this tea in the morning.

4. Ivy gourd for diabetes: The tiny little cucumber can help you a great deal in maintaining your blood sugar levels. Ivy gourd knows the correct insulin levels for your body. All you have to do is munch on a few fresh green anti-diabetic pieces. The sweet taste makes them edible for eating raw.

5. Indian ginseng for diabetes: No wonder why ancients called ashwagandha as a rejuvenator. Consuming Indian ginseng, or ashwagandha, will make your cells less resistant to insulin and also prevent them from damage. Simply, heat a cup of water and mix half a teaspoon of ashwagandha powder and half a teaspoon of honey. Drinking this everyday will do wonders for you.

6. Vitamin C for diabetes: People who consume a diet rich in vitamin C have less to no chances of developing diabetes. Clearly, vitamin C can help you fight the illness with reduced stress and anxiety. Broccoli, red bell peppers, strawberries, cabbage, kale and lemons are fruits and vegetables highly charged with vitamin C. Try to make these a part of your diet as much as you can.

7. Dietary fiber for diabetes: Dietary fiber will be really good for people who are diagnosed with diabetes. Make sure you fill up on fiber too. Eat lots of soluble fiber like oatmeal, apples and beans to cut down your belly fat and reduce the sugar. Dietary fiber will also promote good health and prevent any heart diseases too.

8. Tulsi leaves or holy basil for diabetes: Ayurveda’s most essential plant, the world knows holy basil, or tulsi, can do wonders in destroying the disease from its roots. Simply add a few fresh basil leaves while you prepare your tea. Since the ancient times, tulsi leaves are the leading diabetic treatment. The remedy will lower your sugar and also bless you with huge range of health benefits.

9. Flaxseeds for diabetes: Flaxseeds are full of nutritional goodness. They can lower blood sugar and considerably reduce the risk of heart disease.But if you don’t chew them properly they can go undigested and be flushed out of your system. I will suggest you to powder it and sprinkle some over your cereal or oatmeal.

10. Neem for diabetes: Neem leaves form the most important remedy to cure and control diabetes naturally. With more than 140 compounds, neem is one of the best herbs for diabetes that will give you the instant results. Mix a teaspoon of neem powder in a glass of water. Drink it in morning, evening and at night before you sleep.

11. Bilberry leaves for diabetes: Bilberry leaves extract have been used in traditional medicines to lower the blood sugar levels. Diabetes can cause blurry vision too. These leaves will help in curing the condition of eyes as well. All you need to do is put a few fresh pieces in a glass of hot water for a while. Drink this during the day time.

12. Green tea for diabetes: If you are a tea lover, diabetes may stop you from sipping it often due to your increasing sugar levels. While green tea may not taste the same, but it will surely please you with its rich flavour and numerous health benefits. Drinking it at least once every day will boost your immunity as well.

13. Drumstick leaves for diabetes: While drumstick leaves will definitely maintain your blood sugar levels, at the same time, these will also boost your energy. These leaves will bless your body with insulin increasing secretions. Add at least 50 grams of fresh drumstick leaves to your meal or salad. It will further enhance the flavour too.

14. Psyllium husk (Isabgol) for diabetes: Psyllium husk, also called as isabgol, is a common Indian home remedy that is used for clearing the symptoms of diabetes. If you are consuming isabgol, you are also avoiding the harmful health complications associated with this illness. It is helpful in relieving constipation as well. Mix it in warm water, add lemon, and drink this before your meals.

15. Fish for diabetes: It is packed with ample protein to energize and strengthen your body. Salmon, sardines, cod, and Pacific mackerel will be best foods to regulate your blood sugar levels. You can add them fresh to your sandwiches or salads. Consuming up to 12 ounces per week would be safe.

Another bonus tip: Exercise for the quality of life you want!

What could be safer and more reliable than exercise for diabetes? Exercise will help you control your blood glucose levels as well as your insulin. Staying fit and active throughout will let you be in the correct range of life. Usually, it has been observed that diabetics are overweight. Brisk walking, stationary bicycling, yoga and swimming will be most helpful to you in reducing sugar.