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Naturally Recover Your Upset Tummy with these

Recover your Upset Tummy

A hot bowl of creamy curry and soft buttery breads are just what you need for a memorable family meal. Your delicious dinner is sure to put you to a relaxing sleep. But what could be more terrible for you than waking up, in the middle of night, with an upset tummy? Soon you could start to get dizzy and nauseous. You know very well a busy day awaits you but you just can’t help the weakness that delicious food is now causing. Thankfully, at this moment, you are in the pink of health. But, what if one day this, indeed, gets true?

Combining a busy day with stomach ache, nausea and weakness would not be a good idea at all. Alas, upset stomach is so common. At one point or another, not only you but everyone is likely to get affected by it. Our guts are sensitive. Not just bad food or overeating but even stress could be irritating it. So to say, there could be dozens of reasons for an aching tummy.

Is your tummy trying to tell you something?

Emotional eating to feel better could develop eating disorders at a later stage. Eating so much out of stress or boredom will only make you obese. While unhealthy food certainly is one of the causes for an upset stomach, there are other dangerous health habits you need to ditch immediately! Chewing on nails could not only make up for ugly hands but interfere with your stomach too. Enjoying the harmful bacteria living underneath your nails would be a bad idea. Eventually, the bacteria will end up in your gut.

Believe it or not but flossing rarely could damage your gums. It is really scary that people with gum diseases are 63% closer to the risk of pancreatic cancer. Skipping or getting insufficient sleep is another habit you could be indulging in. Quite unconsciously, you may be engaging in habits that could hinder the functioning of your tummy. Shouldn’t you know whether your tummy is normal or not?

So, what are some signs and symptoms that your stomach is not normal?

A persistent change in the condition of your stomach. Stomach ache, gas or odd bowel movements, if occurring more than a couple of days, should alarm you. Unexpected weight loss, difficulty in swallowing and digesting food or blood in stool call for intensive health care. Though stomach pain is really common, feeling pain in the same place more than often, is a symptom of something severe developing within you. Perhaps, acute bloating, diarrhoea and constipation are some other signs indicating that your tummy is not in the state it should be. The sooner you detect these, the better it would be for your overall health.

Are there any medicine-free stomach ache remedies for you?

Surely modern medicines are effective in treating every disease today. But for certain, either unhealthy food or a bad habit has caused you an upset stomach. In some cases, medicines may not work, or they could cause a side effect as well. Since the balance of your tummy has been disrupted already, restoring it back the natural way would be the safest approach. Every mother is blessed with a wealth of knowledge that was, probably, borrowed from our forefathers. From a pool of plenty, we have picked up the most soothing home remedies for upset stomach that have, since traditions, been curing upset stomach. Let’s have a quick look at these.

1. A fresh bowl of colourful fruit salad:

When feeling better is the only thing on your mind, fruits will effortlessly help you settle your stomach. But not all fruits will be suitable for your condition. Bananas are easily digestible. They also firm up stools during diarrhoea. Freshly sliced papaya could drive away nausea. It is an excellent source of proteolytic enzymes which aid the digestive processes. Pineapples and cherries too pave the digestive tract for better digestion. A juicy bowl with all of these will promote a healthy acidic environment in your stomach. Fruit salad would make up for a rich morning breakfast to cure an upset stomach.

2. Some delicious yogurt with yummy toppings:

Home Remedies to recover your Upset Tummy

As you would already know, yogurt is really nutritious. And that it can boost so many aspects of health was a fact our ancestors were well familiar with. But they also felt dairy products could upset the stomach even more. When you are too ill to eat, a glass of milk might not really be gentle either. The calcium in milk increases gastric acid secretion. And not just milk, the same may be true for other dairy products as well. Yogurt, however, is an exception. It is remarkable for increasing the number of good bacteria in the gut. Added sugar in flavoured yogurt may not be a wise choice for an upset tummy. Organic plain yogurt is one of the best home remedies for stomach pain. It will aid in digestion and decrease the intolerable feeling of being bloated.

You see, yogurt is the sea of wholesome goodness. Topped with fresh fruits, it becomes more interesting and savoury. Ideally, you should eat yogurt an hour later after your meal. This is when the gastric juice within becomes diluted. The concentration of acids in your stomach then becomes suitable and allows lactic acids to smoothly develop. However, snacking on it really late at night may be bad for you. Consuming it at cold hours sometimes cause mucus development.

3. Healthy soups bubbling with broth:

Recover your Upset Tummy at your home

Be it any phase of life and any time of the day, this comfort food is there for everyone and always. These are so yummy and light, at no time of the day can we say no to soups. And with an ailing stomach, slurpy soups are one of the foods you can turn to. Carrot-ginger soup is an excellent combination of vitamins and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients to eliminate stomach ache. All you have to do is add 2 chopped carrots and 2 teaspoons of minced ginger. Blend the mixture until smooth. Add it to boiling water. Put salt as per your taste. Then cook it on medium flame for 25 minutes.

Chicken vegetable soup would be another steamingly good option. To prepare, take a big saucepan and bring water to boil. Add 1 cup minced chicken and cook until soft. Add half cup of sliced carrots and then cook for 2 to 3 minutes. Then take a bowl and strain the mixture. Add 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and some salt. These 2 are the easiest soup recipes you can prepare even when you are low on energy. For years, these have magically worked as grandma’s nurturing and healing touch for us. These are easy to digest and will keep you hydrated.

4. Crispy toasts…but slightly burnt

Recover your Upset Tummy

While most of the home remedies for upset tummy may not surprise you, this one will surely do. Toast surely is an amazing remedy which everyone, including the children, would love to have when the stomach is irritated. However, when you burn the toast somewhat, the taste may not please you but it will provide your stomach the comfort it needs. And why is that? The char on it absorbs the toxins that are messing with your stomach. You can always add little jelly to it to improve the taste.

And here is the best piece of advice from us:

Common stomach problems are inevitable. You may not be having an upset tummy right now but there are chances you may have it later. So make sure every time you eat, you neither eat a lot nor you eat too quickly. Do keep yourself hydrated at all times. But if you are experiencing severe nausea, try not to eat or drink anything for at least 2 to 3 hours. This will help your stomach to calm down. How to cure an upset stomach is something we all look for. But rarely do we get reliable stomach pain medicines. The need to look for medicines wouldn’t even arise because everything to heal your upset tummy is in our kitchen itself. The more naturally we heal it, the better will it be for our overall health.