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Surprising Discovery: Here are the simplest remedies to fight obesity

Simplest remedies to fight obesity

Indeed, food is the road, not only you but, many of us take to happiness. Gorging on a cheeseburger, coupled with juicy patty, crispy onions and fresh lettuce, makes the moments just so legendary. There is no denying that food impresses us all. And we keep coming back for more. But let’s be honest. A feeling of guilt does arise after we eat unhealthy food. Don’t you feel it too? Well, this is quite normal for every human. You may not have realized but guilt is a natural emotion everyone feels when doing something ‘wrong’.

Is it normal to feel guilty after eating junk?

While humans love to eat the tempting yet ‘forbidden’ stuff, they love to feel guilty too! And you are no exception to the rule. Though guilt has sorrow to it, the good news is, frequent guilt trips can save you from eating and overeating junk. Sometimes the temptation urges you so much that you screw up all your efforts. But this feeling is another culprit. What’s the point of feeling bad when you have already gobbled the sinful treat? Had this feeling hit you earlier, you would have prevented your belly from getting more fat!

Can you really rely on food as your most reliable friend?

With so many things annoying you, you are likely to look for a reliable friend. Food being your best friend, relaxing for you becomes better only with enjoyable bits. You may want to take a full-length photo of you but satisfy yourself with just the face. Trying out on old clothes has been a struggle for you. And shopping for new is a real trouble. We don’t want you to end up buying anything that will fit you, especially when it is not even your style. We know you are tired of getting a lot of unnecessary advice from almost everyone. Dear friend, you are chubby and cute. We really love you and we do care. But sadly, obesity is a health disorder. Our concern for you is great. Believe us, excess of weight can expose you to a lot of health problems.

Do you know the hidden dangers of obesity?

What is obesity? While a lot of us do know about the disorder, what we don’t know is other diseases it can expose us to. In the long run, being severely overweight can have really dangerous consequences for everyone. Along with heart disease, stroke and diabetes, you will also be vulnerable to cancer, asthma and high blood pressure. Increased sweating, breathlessness and snoring are leading obesity symptoms. Heck, with so many delectable temptations, symptoms of obesity can quite easily develop. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is how you can combat this disorder.

How can you weigh your risks lesser?

Here is the most awesome news for you! Your journey to gaining weight was marked with delicacies throughout. A poor diet is always among the major causes of obesity. Shockingly, we have discovered the ingredients that can make any dish worth the same pleasure and proteins. Borrowed from our ancient fellows, these tips and remedies for weight loss are ideal for obesity prevention.

Cabbage: The superfood with lots of health benefits

This humble green vegetable is quite generous to bless us all with so many nutrients. Imparting disease-fighting superpowers is the greatest contribution of cabbage to the human race. Do you know why cabbage is a stomach’s best friend? There is no doubt it is a brilliant source of fibre. In fact, raw cabbage can cure stomach ulcers. Let’s read more to know in what exciting ways cabbage can fit in your weight loss diet plan.

You can add the leafy crunch to almost any and every meal. If mid-day hunger pangs attack you daily at work, cabbage could make up for a crunchy snack. Just cut the vegetable, add some salt and a drizzle of lemon. This snack is just unbeatable! Pasta lovers could make their dinner more enjoyable with thinly sliced cabbage. You can also add cabbage to any stir-fry because it has a mild Taste.

Also, you should know fermenting the cabbage increases its nutritional value. The process makes use of bacteria that are considered probiotics. When you are eating foods rich in probiotics, the good bacteria would reside for some time in your digestive tract. Do you know the greatest health benefit of this? These live microorganisms prevent and treat illnesses that can harm your immune system.

Ginger: A complement to health

The flowering plant has its origins in China. The root, with so many medicinal properties, also helps you to lose weight naturally. In many over-the- counter dietary supplements, ginger is an ingredient you are sure to find. This is the healthiest spice on planet that is loaded with nutrients and bioactive compounds. Ginger tea will really please you with its spicy flavour. It is the perfect partner to get slim down with. At often times, when you have just finished your lunch, you will feel you are still hungry. Ginger is a popular appetite suppressant. That means it makes you feel fuller. The fact surely blows you! So, if you want more even after meals, ginger tea would be the best choice. Grated or pureed ginger makes creamy soups all the more exciting. if you can’t sustain yourself without meat, add ginger to your fish curry recipes. The tender fish with spice will give you a rich and wholesome experience.

If you don’t believe us, you can try these now! But you should know when ginger is to be avoided. Consuming ginger, when you have been prescribed medications, especially for diabetes and high blood pressure, would be a bad idea. Also, when you are pregnant or breastfeeding. High doses of ginger can slower your immune system or increase the risk of miscarriage.

Mint: An ingredient that is extremely good

This is one of the fabulous remedies to fight obesity. Have you ever wondered why candies, chewing gums and mouth fresheners contain mint? The fibrous pudina prevents indigestion and lowers cholesterol. Grandmas have been using pudina, since time immemorial, for culinary purposes. Aren’t we all familiar with the countless health benefits of mint? But do we still have it as much as we Should?

The plant in your garden may be exploding with fresh leaves. Don’t you feel bad for not using these? People have been cultivating it not because it is simple to grow or has a divine smell. This chief ingredient in Ayurveda can also help you a lot with weight loss. Though mint has a bitter taste, it will gradually become your Favourite.

For a toothsome evening, you can add mint and berries to your yoghurt or smoothie. Or you can sip on mint tea. You can begin with 5 or 10 leaves but if you want the tea really strong, you can add more. Tear them well and put in mug. Muddle these for some seconds with the back of a spoon. Pour hot water over these and set the mug aside for a few minutes. You can remove the leaves but eating them as you sip will be more beneficial.

White Kidney Beans: The most helpful of legumes

White kidney beans are bursting with vitamins and minerals. Being excellent source of dietary fibre, experts recommend these highly. Eating less and exercising more is the approach most people follow. But the truth is, the more you exercise, the more you will feel hungry. Snacking on these could fuel you with energy for the rest of your day.

Do you know people in the past believed white bean diet could block starches? And today we do have scientific evidence for their belief. Ancients preferred combining cooked kidney beans with white and black beans for a colourful bean salad. You can also create an interesting sandwich filling out of these legumes. Blend cooked beans with garlic, chilli pepper and cumin and place it on the bread. Bean sandwiches are enjoyable among kids too. If you want to prevent your children from getting obese, this snack would be a great munch for them.

White rice can be harmful if you are having it every now and then. It may also gain you weight. So, For the love of rice, white kidney beans could make them fat-free and rich with high-quality protein as well. In addition to its weight loss properties, these also stabilize your blood sugar levels and ensure a healthy heart too. So are you planning to have these tonight?

Bonus Tip: Lemon juice it is!

Do you know how to lose weight fast? With lemon juice of course. The incredible health benefits of lemon have earned it the global fame. We don’t have one but many reasons to drink lemon juice. It promotes hydration and is the chief source of vitamin C. For women, in particular, lemon is helpful in reducing  wrinkling of the skin.

Drinking it on an empty stomach in the morning will be the right way to kick-start your day. Drinking it every day will show results quite sooner than you can think. The effective diet water has an amazing taste as well. People of all ages and lands share the common love lemonade till date.

And since the weekend is here almost, a little celebration would be on your mind. You could prepare a refreshing drink with lemons, mint and cucumber. Peel and slice a cucumber, add some lemon juice and about 10 grams or mint. Add a cup of water and stir the drink well. To mix some spice, you could nourish it with freshly grated ginger. This is one of the delightful weight loss tips. We are sure you will notice a difference in the mirror!