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16 Rich Foods To Begin Your Day With Fiber Boost

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Rich Foods To Begin Your Day With Fiber Boost

Mom often tells you to eat high fiber foods. She knows fiber is good for you. But do you know too? Getting your fill of fiber everyday will load you with healthier gut bacteria, useful compounds for your heart, stabilized blood sugar levels and also lower your risks for many diseases. And more interestingly, if you want to lose weight as quickly as possible, fiber will do the trick! If you can’t wait anymore to enjoy the benefits of it, read on to know the fiber rich foods that you should be having everyday.

1. Lentil (masoor ki dal) as a food rich in fiber

Lentils, or moong ki dal, perfectly complete every nutritious meal! They may be small in size but evidently, they are the powerhouse of goodness. Lentils are a tremendous source of not only soluble but insoluble dietary fiber as well. They encourage regular bowel movement. This means that you can have lentils without any fear every time you suffer from constipation. In fact, consuming lentils 3 to 4 times every week will be good for preventing the disease.

2. Black bean (kaale sem) as a food rich in fiber

Next on my list of fiber rich foods are black beans. Black beans, or kaale sem, are healthiest and the world knows it! The dark and shiny legume can build your bone structure strong, reduce your cholesterol and control your blood sugar levels. We tend to think fruits and vegetables full of vibrant colours are the utmost sources of dietary fiber. But studies have shown us that black beans are good too. In fact, these are versatile enough to easily go with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

3. Green pea as a food rich in fiber

The humble green pea is the nature’s food for life. But would you like to know something more fantastic than this? This vegetable is so low in fat and so high fiber, protein and micronutrients. The healthy amount of fiber in these can clean your system just too well. All you have to do is stir some fresh peas into cooked rice and savour the dish with curd. 1 cup of green peas can help you in preventing wrinkles, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and bronchitis.

4. Broccoli as a food rich in fiber

Broccoli is one of the high fiber foods you should have at least twice a week. It’s charged with enough power to draw out cholesterol from your body. The tasty vegetable also comes with the abundance of essential nutrients and vitamins. The biggest benefit of eating broccoli is the hindered growth of cancer cells. Also, the antioxidants in it can bless you with inflammatory properties.

5. Raspberry as a food rich in fiber

Will it amaze you to know that plant foods with skin have fiber? Even more interestingly, natural foods like raspberries have a lot of skin. So, there is no doubt about it that these have a lot of fiber too! Along with fiber, the delicious fruit will give you vitamins and antioxidants too. Shockingly, raspberry has 200 varieties to it and each is good for maintaining cardiovascular health, weight loss, boosting eye health and improving tissues. It is time to gobble up as many juicy raspberries as you can!

6. Blackberry as a food rich in fiber

Everyone will agree that blackberries are the most enjoyable among the fiber rich foods! A handful of blackberries everyday will give you fiber enough to cut down on extra calories. With these, you can have the good bacteria in your gut. So, if you want to maintain a healthy weight over time, you should definitely go for these. These are beneficial for perfectly glowing and hydrated skin, quick healing of wounds, healthy bones and more red blood cells.

7. Avocado as a food rich in fiber

Avocados can be your best friends to promote your overall health. The creamy flesh of these will load you with spoonfuls of dietary fiber. The superfruit is popular for its high nutritional value. Adding avocados to your diet plan will lower your cholesterol, add more health to your heart, protect your eyes with its powerful antioxidants, prevent cancer and arthritis too!

8. Pear as a food rich in fiber

The luscious low-calorie fruit is the leading source of fiber. In fact, one medium sized pear has at least 6 grams of dietary fiber. It can easily satisfy up to 24% of your daily fiber needs. It will benefit you more when you eat it fresh along with the skin. Pears can help you feel fuller for a longer time. And at the same time, these will help you in digesting the food quickly.

9. Whole-wheat pasta as a food rich in fiber

Extremely indulgent pastas with big amounts of cheese and creamy sauce have had their moment. Now is the time for whole-wheat pasta! Whole-wheat pasta is the healthiest type of pastas to eat because these are the delicious fiber rich foods. It gets more lavish with nutrients if you add a lot of greens to your recipe. Veggies like broccoli, cabbage and green bell peppers will give you the stuff along with the flavour you desire.

10. Oatmeal (daliya) as a food rich in fiber

Glide through the day with a yummy bowl of oatmeal! Oatmeal, or daliya, is a splendid fiber food because of the nutritional benefits it has to offer you. It travels through your digestive system to carry bad acids out of your body. Happily, the meal has sure benefits for your waistline. But, if at all you don’t like the flavour of oatmeal, you can pair it with honey, bananas, raisins and brown sugar to make it delicious.

11. Pistachios (pista) as a food rich in fiber

Pistachios, or pista, are undoubtedly the best nuts to carry fiber. The toothsome munchies can be enjoyed in the morning with breakfast. With every crunch, you will cut down on your risk of heart attacks, cold, constipation, hemorrhoids and most importantly stress. Pistachios can boost your immunity levels too. For a cool and healthy treat in summers, you can chop a handful of these nuts to pair with any ice cream you like.

12. Popcorn as a food rich in fiber

Will I shock the wits out of you if I tell you that popcorn is a healthy snack? It is one of the high fiber foods you should definitely eat! But surely not with a lot of butter, unless you want to add fat to your diet. In fact, with less of butter, it can be healthier than fruits and vegetables! That said, popcorn might not have a lot of nutrients or vitamins but it is a light food that can relieve constipation and help you with weight loss.

13. Cocoa powder as a food rich in fiber

Everyone loves the taste of chocolate. But the taste would become more pleasing only if you know this overwhelming fact! Won’t you jump with joy if I tell you to stir some cocoa powder in milk because it is definitely bursting with high fiber! The unbeatable flavour can satisfy your everyday dietary fiber needs. The powder also has magnesium, manganese and zinc to support your system with more oxygen, more red blood cells and more immunity.

14. Whole grain bread as a food rich in fiber

Bread may be bad for you. But not when you are making a healthy choice. Whole grain bread is certainly healthier than white bread but is it dense with fiber too? Well, it has the needed boost of fiber to keep you happy! To get the maximum fiber with it, add thinly cut slices of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. Adding a layer of peanut butter to it will work as a bonus for you.

15. Cabbage as a food rich in fiber

Cabbage is one of the top vegetables high in fiber. Fiber is vital for maintaining the health of your body but so is this green veggie. Cabbage delivers you 12% amount of fiber you need daily. Along with the green one, if you can have red too, you will be savouring the highest amount of fiber. Red cabbage can lift the daily value of fiber by 16%. This should be your superfood for flawless skin, smooth and healthy hair, high levels of immunity, proper digestion and strong teeth.

16. Flaxseed (alsi ke beej) as a food rich in fiber

Their size may fool you but flaxseeds, or alsi ke beej, are the absolute high fiber foods to up your levels. Just 1 tablespoon of flaxseeds will have your body flourishing with fiber, protein, vitamins, omega-3 fats and minerals. But how can these help you? Flaxseeds raise your health by lowering the risk of cancer, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes and high blood pressure.