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Moong sprouts chat recipe

Moong sprouts chat recipe

Moong sprouts chat recipe if very simple. Moong sprouts chat is not only the tastiest recipe but also the healthiest recipe. Since moong sprouts chat is made out of moong spouts, they are enriched with more nutrients. This chat is very simple and can be made within 10 minutes. Ingredients in moong sprouts

How to make aloo tikka at home

How to make aloo tikka at home

Aloo tikka is nothing but the potatoes which are spiced and marinated. This dish is rarely made at home but people prefer buying them from the restaurants. But it is to be noted that cooking aloo tikka is not a most critical task. They can be easily made at home.

The recipe for Hyderabadi Baingan

The recipe for Hyderabadi Baingan

Hyderabadi Baingan recipe As the name indicates Hyderabadi Baingan is a famous dish which comes from the royal kitchen of Hyderabad. This is nothing but a brinjal curry which will be the favorite dish for the people of all age group. People who want to cook a wonderful but simple

Make delicious chole biryani at home

Make delicious chole biryani at home

Chole biryani or chana biryani is one of the most delicious foods in Hyderabadi cuisine. The most interesting part is this is a biryani which is to be dum cooked. People who are interested in having a delicious food during the weekends can try chole biryani. Since this is a

Recipe to make spongy cake in pressure cooker

cake in pressure cooker

cake in  pressure cooker Many people think that they can make cake only in oven. But the fact is they can make even in pressure cooker. People who don’t have microwave oven in their home can make spongy cake by using a pressure cooker. The recipe for making eggless cake in

Paneer Biryani how to make

Recipe for making paneer biryani

Recipe for making paneer biryani at home. Paneer biryani can be prepared in many different styles and making them in pressure is very common. This biryani when cooked in pressure cooker delivers the flavor of dum biryani. Since the recipe has an outstanding taste, they can be taken by the people

Flaxseeds and their health benefits

Flaxseeds health benefits

Flaxseeds health benefits are wonderful, The flaxseeds are commonly called as linseeds. These seeds are extracted from the oldest fiber called flax. This cultivation is highly found in Chinese and Egyptian countries. As they are extracted from fiber plant, they have rich source of dietary fiber, vitamin B1, micro nutrients and

Amazing health benefits of wheat grass

Amazing Health Benefits Of Wheat Grass

Wheat grass is nothing but the young grass of wheat plant. This glass is scientifically called as triticum aestivum. The most fortunate thing is the wheat grass is mentioned as the super food for humans and as well as animals. These grasses can be taken in the form of juice,

Aloe vera and health benefits

Aloe vera health benefits, Aloe vera for cure, Aloe vera for detox

Aloe vera health benefits are wonderful. Aloe vera is a plant which belongs to succulent species and they are highly found in the tropical region. Right from the early period, this plant is being used for various medications. Because of their endless medical benefits, they are considered as the miracle plant

Honor 8 – key features and their performance

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Honor 8 mobile is made by Huawei. This is considered to be the successor model of Huawei Honor 7. The company is engaged in the task of providing high end features for their client at most affordable range of price. There will be slight change in the model depending upon