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Can Kalonji Oil Cure Serious Illnesses too?

Can Kalonji Oil Cure Serious Illnesses too

Quite shockingly, black seed has been blessing us in every possible way since so many years. As you would have read in the previous blog too, kalonji and kalonji oil can be brilliant companions for the diseases that have become common. But coming to the sicknesses that are severe and

Kalonji Oil: The Wondrous Cure for every Illness

Kalonji Oil: The Wondrous Cure for every Illness

As Prophet Mohammad has himself stated, every illness, except death, finds its cure within the black seeds. Black seed, or kalonji as we call it, has as many as 100 components, and we are yet to identify some. For thousands of years, humans have been using the miraculous powers of

Naturally Recover Your Upset Tummy with these

Recover your Upset Tummy

A hot bowl of creamy curry and soft buttery breads are just what you need for a memorable family meal. Your delicious dinner is sure to put you to a relaxing sleep. But what could be more terrible for you than waking up, in the middle of night, with an

8 Awesome Home Remedies to Recover from Dengue

Home Remedies to Recover from Dengue Fever

For me, travelling is more than a journey, it is a feeling. It has always given me the freedom to be myself. Visiting the historical structures fascinates me a lot. While I have been to many across India, the breathtaking epitome of love at Agra was next on my list.

8 Reasons to grow basil indoors

Basil leaves, Basil , Herbal plants

Revered by the ancient science of Ayurveda, the sacred basil herb is widely found in India. To have a tulsi plant or tree at or near home is a blessing to Hindus. But do you know why? The plant, being a manifestation of Goddess Tulsi, is worshipped in almost every region of India.

These 8 remedies are a blessing to your sore throat

Herbal remedies for sore

The cheerful summers are here! And ice cream has already become an important meal of our day. Scoops of fruity flavors and creamy layers topped with crunchy nuts are what we desire. Isn’t ice cream one of the most awesome gifts summer has for us? But no matter how much we stack and

These benefits Of Ashwagandha Will amaze you

Benefits Of Ashwagandha

Balancing the modern life of today along with your health can be a task so challenging. In the present times every individual, whether a bread-maker or a bread-earner, is overly-occupied with so much work. We all make the effort of avoiding foods that can harm our health. But do we