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Can Nasty Eye Infections be Cured at Home?

eye infection treatment

In one of my blogs on health earlier, I was discussing with you how shampoo can get into your eyes while you bathe. This can be intensely irritating, since eyes are so delicate. But like I told you, eye infection can develop because of other reasons as well. And other

14 Effective Natural Treatments for Stubborn Cradle Cap

Stubborn Cradle Cap Natural Treatments

Cradle cap, or seborrheic dermatitis, has become a skin disease that is most common among babies. The rough and itchy patches on the scalp can really be troublesome. But it is not limited only to babies. Even adults are vulnerable. That is why you should know the best treatment for

Annoyed with Peeling and Dry Skin? Here is What You can Do

home remedies for Peeling and Dry Skin

Skin peeling is quite common during weather change. But other than that, skin dryness and lack of moisture are other causes. Really bad cases of skin peeling can cause you itching as well. Irrespective of the causes, what are the most effective home remedies for peeling skin? I have gathered

15 Super Home Remedies to Beat Dehydration

15 Super Home Remedies to Beat Dehydration

When your body lacks water in the excessive heat, chances are high that you may get dehydrated. Do you know what dehydration does to your body? Fatigue! Thirst! Dry mouth! Rapid breathing! Fast heartbeat! Dizziness! Headache! And a lot more! Don’t these scare you? Fortunately, here I am with the