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Amazing benefits of Tulsi

Amazing benefits of Tulsi

Tulsi is commonly known as Holy basil. And it is been used for various health needs right from the ancient days. Today they are widely used in many treatments and in many natural remedies. Here are some of the amazing benefits of Tulsi which may help in using them at the best.Edit Post

Skin care

Since Tulsi naturally has the power to kill infections, they are considered to be good for skin. Especially people who are in need to get rid of the skin problems like acne can use basil leaves without any constraint. Tulsi can be considered as the home remedy to cure acne and they can also put a full stop to several other skin irritations. The most interesting benefit of this leaves is they will help in healing the internal infection and as well as the external infection in skin. When basil leaves is used along with coconut oil, it tends to show better effects on skin.

Fight cancer

Even though it is quite hard to believe, some research has proven that taking basil leaves regularly will help in fighting against the cancer cells. Since they enormously increase the anti oxidant activity in the body, cancer cells get automatically eliminated. Apart from this, in some cases, cancer cells spread from one organ to the other. In such case, Tulsi can be used to avoid the spread of cancer cell. These leaves are also the right option to stay away from radiation poising. People who are affected because of the radiation treatment can heal the damage through basil leaves.

Relive Fever

As mentioned above, Tulsi is a wonderful antibiotic. Thus, they help in destroying the infections and bacteria which causes fever and other related problems in the body. This can also protect the body from many harmful viruses. Thus, they can be given to children in order to relive them from fever within short span of time. Taking basil leaves regularly will help in leading a healthy lifestyle without getting exposed to any harmful infections.

benefits of Tulsi includes Respiratory problems

Today, the respiratory problems were highly increasing because of the changes in the atmosphere. Even though it is quite hard to change these factors, one can take better steps to protect them from the respiratory diseases. People who prefer to intake basil leaves regularly can easily protect their body from respiratory problems. Especially the problems like cold, asthma and flu can be easily cured with the help of basil leaves.

Apart from these, basil leaves hold several other medical benefits beyond one’s imagination. And this is the reason why they are highly used in the process of medicine making. It is to be noted that one need not want any particular reason to intake basil leaves as this is all about leading a healthy lifestyle.

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