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Amazing Stress Management Remedies that Really Work

Stress Management Remedies

You will be amused to know that there is one thing we all have in our life at some point. It can, anytime, walk in and out of your life. And unless you take any action, it will only create more hassles for you. Indeed, we are hinting at stress. Whether you are a busy homemaker, an aspiring student or a working professional, everyday pressure can easily build chronic stress in your body. That stress is endemic to our life is the unwelcome fact. Stress can be raised by any demand in life. Recognizing and coping with life stressors should be your key concerns.

Do you have stress?

While it is something you can’t see physically, it will affect the physical response of your body. If you are anxious, emotionally exhausted, or you wake up feeling tired and find it difficult to catch your breath, then these are glaring signs that you have stress. Acne is a visible way for stress to manifest on you. Increased levels of stress can cause you pain in head or neck region, decreased energy and insomnia.

What can you do to manage stress?

Stress could dampen your performance quite considerably. You should know how to manage and control stress. When it comes to your health you will realise eating exotic greens or slurping up juices won’t work if stress is affecting you. But consuming anti-stress items that will attack it directly should be your approach.

Here are the most trusted remedies and tips you can use as effective stress management techniques.

  1. Green Tea

One of the healthiest beverages on the planet, green tea is also favoured for its rich taste. It is darn healthy and packed with bioactive compounds. That it kills stress is a benefit you should definitely know. While you had been drinking it probably for a youthful appearance and a longer life, rather than for medication, you can now savour it to battle anxiety and stress. It’s medicinal and soothing properties owe to L-theanine. L-theanine is an amino acid present in tea leaves. The acid relaxes your mind, keeping your brain alert at the same time. Studies that have been conducted in this regard show that green tea can be too good to lessen psychological distress. When you are psychologically healthy, you will spend your day more cheerfully.

  1. Ashwagandha

This ayurvedic herb has great benefits for your body. When modern life exhausts you with long-term stress, Ayurveda would recommend you this rejuvenating herb. Indian Ginseng is a direct cure that promotes restorative sleep and lowers your stress levels. People in ancient times used the herb for low energy as well. A burst of stress hormones demands you to include ashwagandha in your diet. The most delicious way to have it is a small amount of ashwagandha roasted in ghee with a tablespoon of date sugar.

  1. Holy Basil

A member of the mint family, basil has been growing in India for more than 3000 years. India values this sacred plant because of its benefits for mind and body. Since stress is a natural part of our life, basil can be another natural approach you could use for its treatment. A stressed body is vulnerable to high levels of cortisol and corticosterone. This can affect your digestive system as well. A damaged nervous system can leave you with depression. Like an adaptogen, holy basil will enhance the natural response of your body to physical and emotional stress. It will help your body to function optimally during stress. Holy basil contains eugenol and caryophyllene. These aromatic compounds elevate mood, spirit and mental clarity.

  1. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is one of the popular herbs used for its medicinal purposes. Comparatively, it may not be as effective as pharmaceutical drugs but it will not cause you side effects either. Research uncovers that because chamomile promotes relaxing nature, the tea is a popular choice today. Commonly it is used to calm down people. Overly-busy people live in a constant state of agitation. If you too are one of them, chamomile tea will definitely help you treat and reduce anxiety.

  1. Exercise

By now you would have got a good idea as to how you can overcome and deal with stress. But as you would expect, exercising is also one of the best ways you can ensure yourself stress relief. But what exactly happens to your body when you work out? Your body is likely to release endorphins when you exercise. These are stress fighting hormones and help your mind to steer clear from the problems in your mind. Aerobics and physical activities like running and dancing will increase the heart rate so your body can release endorphins. Without any side effects, you will feel good. The series of moving and stationary poses in yoga will strengthen the natural relaxation response of your body. Yoga is an anxiety treatment you can perform at home instead of choosing stress relief medicines or products.