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Apricots: A Healthy Treat Or Treatment?

benefits of Apricot

Summers are for apricots! Extremely luscious and so full of juice! The fruit is back this season with tremendous health benefits for you. I have not known a single soul who can say no to this divine and flavourful food, unless one hasn’t tasted the addictive taste of it. But this blog will give you bigger reasons to say yes. Loaded with a lot of nutritional and mineral goodies, every juicy bite of the fruit can make you stronger and contented in so many ways. Be it fresh or dried, khubani benefits can be enjoyed anyway. But what good are apricot benefits for? Let’s find out!

1. Apricot benefits for skin:
This may be a little-known piece of information for you, but you should definitely heed on it. Apricot scrub can be really good for your skin. It will startle you to know that the extract of this fruit can renew your skin with an unbeatable glowing effect. Outwitting wrinkles and fine lines is no big deal for apricot. By removing the damaged skin cells and exfoliating the skin at the same time, it reveals new skin cells beneath. If you have apricot oil, consider rubbing a few drops of it on your face to treat acne and itchy skin too. Or alternatively, you could make a paste from the flesh of apricot for curing blackheads, clogged pores, pimples and eczema.

2. Apricot benefits for hair:
Apricot health benefits can make your hair beautiful and captivating. The huge range of nutrients present in apricot makes it favourable for hair. If you want to improve the growth and texture of your hair, you can massage with apricot kernel oil at least 3 to 4 times a week. If you want to treat scalp problems like dandruff and dry or itchy scalp, you can add a few drops of the apricot kernel oil into your shampoo as well as conditioner.

3. Apricot benefits for eyes:
The fact that foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and beta-carotene are really good for the health of eyes is undeniable. While apricots eliminate free radicals getting into the body, they also prevent the development of cataract. At the same time, the luscious fruit prepares your eyes against macular degeneration, a chronic eye disorder that can result in loss of vision. As you age, the chances of developing the disorder get even high. And if you are wondering how beta-carotene can add to the health of your eyes, the pigment is known for improving the flow of blood to the eyes.

4. Apricot benefits for weight:
Apricot is an excellent low-calorie fruit and even more notable supplement to your weight loss diet. You should also know that apricots contain potassium which makes them powerful enough for maintaining the fluid balance in your body. Khubani benefits sincerely ensure that every organ of your body gets energy in equal amounts. When the balance of the electrolytes is healthy, you will have high energy and stamina to go keep yourself going throughout the day. At the same time, it will also help you in staying full. And as a bonus, the insoluble fiber in it will absorb water in your stomach for a longer time.

5. Apricot benefits for prevention of fever:
Apricot health benefits can be reaped during fever too! It might seem absurd to you but apricot juice can do wonders to you when you feel feverish. And as a matter of fact, the juice can even cure vomiting and nausea that are likely to occur due to fever. Drink the juice twice everyday during the sickness. An easier home remedy for fever would be to massage your forehead with apricot oil. The soothing effect of the oil will help you to relax and sleep better.

6. Apricot benefits for heart:
Ripe apricots, full of juice and bursting with sweet flavours can do the trick to maintain the health of your heart. The fruit is rich in vitamin C. Do you know people who consume a lot of vitamin C everyday have really less or no chances of falling to dreadful heart diseases? And here is another overwhelming fact to get you more involved with apricots. The great levels of dietary fiber in the fruit pull out the excess of cholesterol from the arteries. By lowering the cholesterol, apricots reduce the strain on heart. 1 fresh glass of apricot juice daily will be enough to keep the strokes away from you.

7. Apricot benefits for bones
Among the several apricot health benefits I have listed here, this is the most popular one. And you will surely agree as you read. As far as your body is concerned, the health of your bones is very important for you. For maintaining a healthy body framework, you should count on every bit of nutritious food you eat. But if your diet is lacking nutrition, you should probably begin chomping on bone strengthening foods. Apricot is one such food that already has all the nutrients you need for a healthy growth and development of your bones.

8. Apricot benefits for earaches:
There can be several causes of ear pain; sinus infections, tonsillitis, cavities and earwax to name some. Sometimes your middle ear may get swollen due to infection. But whichever be the cause, the pain is doubtlessly acute and piercing. Earache, if not treated, may develop further into fever, flu or even loss of hearing. Ear infections are most common amongst children, since they are more in contact with the environment than the adults. The good news is that with apricot oil you can cure earaches of all kinds. Simply pour a few drops of it into the affected areas and you will get quick relief in no time.

9. Apricot benefits for constipation:
Whichever food you love to eat, apricot is one that you cannot avoid. Another reason to indulge in it is the high amount of pectin in it. Pectin is a soluble fiber that plays a major role in the treatment of constipation. In fact, apricots can work as a really effectual home remedy not only for constipation but for Irritable Bowel Syndrome as well. Fiber adds bulk to the stools, thus ensuring smooth bowel movements. So, even when the slightest of symptoms hit you at any time of the day, you can snack on the fruit to enjoy khubani benefits. But if you have dried khubani, it would be best to get relief from constipation.

10. Apricot benefits for prevention of asthma:
With an improved respiratory health, you will reduce your chances of getting respiratory diseases like lung infection and asthma. For a smoothly working and healthy respiratory system, you should prefer apricot oil for help. You will feel good to know that apricot oil is anti-asthmatic in nature. And this clearly means that it can be effective in the treatment of respiratory diseases. The stimulating and expectorant attributes of the oil help in relieving the pressure as well as stress from the respiratory system, thus preventing asthma attacks.

11. Apricot benefits for prevention of anemia:
Anemia can make you feel constantly fatigued due to lack of iron in your body. If the red blood cell disorder is not treated, the dangers can extend to medical complications and heart failure as well. You will be happy to know that apricot is an excellent source of iron. Iron is the mineral that will help in the formation of hemoglobin in your body. More interestingly, the fruit also has copper that assists in absorption of iron. This will eventually help in a good flow of blood in the body, thus preventing anemia.

12. Apricot benefits for pregnant women:
Apricot is one of the brilliant foods to eat during pregnancy. Even doctors recommend the fruit during this extraordinary phase because it is a good source of iron. The circulation of blood within the body will enhance with high amounts of iron. As a matter of fact, the abundance of essential nutrients in it helps in a fine growth and development of the fetus. And since indigestion and constipation can be quite common during pregnancy, the dietary fiber in the fruit will assist with that too. For pregnant ladies, eating dried apricots will be a better option as compared to apricot juice or the raw fruit itself.

13. Apricot benefits for cancer prevention:
As a really good source of antioxidants, apricot is remarkable. This means that the fruit can prevent the entry of free radicals within the body. As opposed to eating habits, free radicals can be caused by environmental conditions like pollution and sunrays. Apricot obstructs the growth of cells, which if not hindered may lead to formation of cancer cells in the body. This is how the fruit will help your body in the prevention of cancer. So, you see this little fruit can make a big difference to your life! All you have to do is consume one apricot everyday.