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Benefits of lemon juice

lemon juice

Lemon juice is used in salad and to increase test of vegetables. But lemon is very Beneficial for your health. You can glow your beauty with lemon. Lemon is also used to make you healthy and fit.
Below are the health benefits of lemon.

Lemon juice increases your immunity it reduces your fatness. You can loose your weight without getting weak. Lemon also can be used to increase weight. if you want to increase your weight then you can take lemon juice with 1 tablespoon of sugar daily.

Lemon juice is very useful for hair. It remove dandruff from your hair.

Lemon juice contains Citric acid and it contains vitamin 3 which is very beneficial to making bone strong.

To glow your beauty apply Lemon juice with raw milk it remove all Stains from your face

Clean your Elbow with Lemon peel it prevents your elbow skin to become blackish.

You can use lemon juice with face pack it removes stains from face.

You can clean your heel with Warm water and lemon juice, It makes your heel clean.

To get rid of stomach problem take lemon juice with honey daily in the morning. It removes constipation problem.

In case of long hiccup Take lamon juice with 2 small spoon of Black Salt and 1 small spoon honey.

If you have oily skin then mix lamon and water in equaly and clean your face with this mixture.

Lemon juice is very beneficial for gums thrive also it can remove teeth pain.

If you have itching then you can apply lemon juice with Alum. it removes itching.

In case of joint pain applying lemon can reduce swelling and pain.

In Conception period if lemon juice is taken from 4th month to childbirth Then child delivery

Taking lemon juice in Conception period from 4th month to childbirth can make delivery easy and less pain full.

Taking Lemon juice is also beneficial in Cholera, Blood pressure, dehydration and Epilepsy.