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Can Kalonji Oil Cure Serious Illnesses too?

Can Kalonji Oil Cure Serious Illnesses too

Quite shockingly, black seed has been blessing us in every possible way since so many years. As you would have read in the previous blog too, kalonji and kalonji oil can be brilliant companions for the diseases that have become common. But coming to the sicknesses that are severe and less common among individuals, these will surprise you in so many wondrous ways they can help you prevent and even heal. Developing the diseases which we will now be discussing with you has less possibilities, as these result from a really poor lifestyle. Yet, you should know the remedies you can utilise to prevent these from happening to you.

Kalonji oil for migraine: From pounding headache to severe migraine, kalonji has proved to be effective. The best use of kalonji oil was made by Greeks and Arabs 2000 years ago. It goes without saying that it is one of the most successful natural remedies for headaches and migraines. If you too are troubled by migraine, simply apply the oil around your nose and eyes. The headache is likely to disappear within a short period of time. Herbal remedies for migraines should be your approach to steer away from any side effects in the long run.

Kalonji oil for hypertension: As is popularly said, hypertension or high blood pressure is a silent killer. The foremost responsible factor for heart attack, strokes and kidney failure, this disease indeed calls for prevention. The numerous active ingredients in black seed oil reduce hypertension as well as cholesterol. The oil can be mixed well with juice and tea.

Kalonji oil for asthma: There is no denying that the number of pollutants in environment are only increasing with time. The chronic breath-taking illness can be treated very efficiently with black seed oil. To ease respiratory problems, a dosage of 1 teaspoon of black seed oil must be given everyday to the asthma patient.

Kalonji oil for snake bites: The cure for all diseases, has also become a powerful treatment for snake bites. So, if ever a snake bites you, all you have to do is apply some kalonji oil on the affected area to get relief from the pain and poison. Interestingly, you can use the method in case of insect bites as well.

Kalonji oil for heart attack: Heart attacks have become warning signs of deteriorating health. Happily, black seed oil has properties that protect the heart. For patients who suffer the risk of getting a stroke or attack, drinking one teaspoon of the oil can be beneficial. These will also be helpful in curbing the damage that a heart attack may have caused earlier.

Kalonji oil for blood deficiency: Red blood cells in a number lower than normal can result in anemia. That is why, hemoglobin is very important for a healthy life. Among the countless benefits of little black seeds is improvement in hemoglobin as well. Making this oil a part of your diet will prevent you from getting this disease.

Kalonji oil for brain fever: Brain fever is a serious inflammation of brain tissues which can be really life-threatening. Though there are different types of brain fever, kalonji is one such herbal remedy that will work for every kind. Simply mix half a teaspoon of kalonji oil with the juice of one lemon. Drink it every morning to get the most positive results.

Kalonji oil for burns: Kalonji oil benefits the skin largely. Our skin is a protective barrier against external viruses. However, damaged or burnt skin would, therefore, need more care and protection from these. Take 5 grams of kalonji oil, 30 grams of olive oil, 15 grams of calamus and 80 grams of mehendi leaves. Mix these well and apply on the damaged areas before you sleep. Though creating this mixture can be a little time consuming, but treating burns on skin with kalonji oil is surely a great idea.

Kalonji oil for cancer: Cancer, a serious illness the cases of which we hear everyday, has become a major cause of worry. This is one of the diseases that has been affecting us since centuries but the causes remain lost till date. One teaspoon of black seed oil with one spoon of honey taken thrice a day, guarantees cancer prevention and reduction.

Kalonji oil for cataract: Cataract can be really dangerous and cause several complication too. If it is really bad enough, it can leave your vision impaired for lifetime. Sadly, cataract can happen at any age. However, even experts believe that this condition of eye can be treated most successfully with kalonji oil. All you have to do is pour one drop in each eye. Try to do this at least twice a day. This is the best natural medicine that can reduce the symptoms in five to six weeks.

Kalonji oil for bronchitis: Bronchitis is an infection in the main airways of the lungs that can take a really worse turn if left untreated. Among the plenty of home remedies available for this form of sickness is black seed oil as well. Consume one teaspoon of it for two times a day. The oil is so effective that it may even prevent bronchitis from developing again in future.

Kalonji oil for liver diseases: Since the plant is widely used for medicinal purposes, that it can treat liver diseases as well cannot be doubted. Combine 20 grams of honey and half a teaspoon of kalonji oil. Drink half of this mixture before breakfast in the morning and half in the night before retiring to bed. This treatment should be continued for a month. The protective and healing touch of black seed oil will gradually improve your liver and make it more healthier.