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Keep Your Smile Bright With Teeth That Are White

natural teeth whitening food

Your smile is beautiful. But are you doing what you should to protect it? From coffee and cream to delish meals and heavenly soups, everything that you gulp down your throat, may knock back your teeth with stains. Yellow teeth can surely be one of the most embarrassing problems ever.

Opening Up Your Airways: Preventing Asthma Naturally

Preventing Asthma Naturally

Nature is so green and so beautiful. Just a short walk amidst it and you land in unbelievable joy. But the pleasure fades when smoke and impurities begin to erupt. Interacting with the same nature can become quite difficult for people, especially for patients of asthma. The disorder can threaten their

How To Stop An Irritating Runny Nose In A Jiffy?

Runny Nose Home remedies

How To Stop An Irritating Runny Nose In A Jiffy? It may sound silly and sickening but a runny nose means a lot of mucus in and out! And surely, you don’t want to spend your day reaching out for countless number of tissues. Nothing can be more irritating and embarrassing

10 Easy Solutions To Knock Out Knee Pain

Home remedies for Knee Pain

You had been dancing merrily until one day your knee began to hurt. The swollen skin on your knees and the sound of crunch every time you moved had been too bothersome. Could the cause be your age or a fall or a long flight of stairs? Well, it could

What Is The Best Cure For Your Baby’s Cough?

Home Remedies for Baby’s Cough

Your baby is your bundle of joy. As a parent, your sole concern is to care for your baby every moment. But sometimes, its health can worry you. At birth, the immune system of your baby stays sensitive. Making it healthier can take some time. Meanwhile, bacteria and viruses can

Can You Treat Flu At Home?

Home Remedies for flu

If you have flu, you will definitely relate to the mucus dripping down your throat and urging you to cough. With every morsel of food, you also get the gulp of Itchiness in the throat. The annoying runny nose and the kick of fever can be too harsh upon you.

8 Natural Ways to Help Your Heartburn

Home Remedies for Heartburn

Is a burning sensation in your chest urging you to sleep for hours and hours? Is the discomfort moving up your throat? Could this be a symptom of heartburn? A heartburn can be very unease. Sometimes, the acid reflux due to this can trouble your esophagus, giving you pain in