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Food that can help to fight cancer

cancer fighting food

Day by day the number of people getting exposed to cancer is highly increasing in current trend. According to the recent survey, cancer is stated to be the major health product which affects more than millions of people every year. Cancer is a severe disease which is caused because of the abnormal behavior of the body cells. And this abnormal behavior leads to the growth of tumor cells and finally results in cancer. When the reason behind this abnormal behavior is analyzed, the main reason pointed out in many cases is food habits followed in current scenario. In most cases people fail to intake the cancer fighting food which can fight against the cancer cells.

This article is written in order to create awareness of the cancer fighting food which can fight cancer at the best. People who are interested in protecting themselves from the severe impacts of cancer can add the following food to their diet.

Green leaves and vegetables

The green leaves and vegetables are not only the best option for healthy diet, but they can also help in fighting the cancer cells. These vegetables will be highly rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients. The most important thing is these vegetables will have very less calories and fats. Since they are completely free from toxins, they will not cause any serious effects on health. These vegetables are also supposed to have antibacterial properties which help in destroying the cancer cells to a greater extent. And because of this property, the growth of the tumor cells will also get prevented.

The glucosinolates present in the green leaves help in detoxifying and supports the growth of healthy cells. Apart from these, adding green leaves and vegetables to the diet holds several other nutritional benefits. People who are unable to take these leaves in the direct form can extract juices out of it. Obviously it will be quite easy to intake juices rather than having them through food.

Cultured dairy products

The presence of probiotics will be higher while considering the cultured dairy products. These bacteria will help in creating a natural bacterial balance in the body. This in turn boosts up the body immune system. When the immune system of the body gets enhanced, the growth of tumor cells will get affected naturally. Some of the best sources to intake probiotics are taking curd, yogurt, cheese and other related products. According to the advice of the medical experts, one can must intake about 6 ounces of cultured dairy products daily.


Berries are a wonderful anti oxidant which can fight effectively against the cancer cells. It is a good cancer fighting food. There are different types of berries which include strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. The most interesting fact is numerous delicious recipes can be made out of these berries. Especially they can be used for making the most delicious deserts. Since all these berries are powerful antioxidant they will help in eliminating the free radicals. Thus, the risk of cancer will get reduced naturally. This is the reason why the berries are considered as the super food for fighting cancer.

Unrefined oil

Today people have started using the refined oil by thinking that they possess good health value. But this is not the fact. The fact is taking refined oil will destroy the cell membrane and increases the level of toxin. Thus, taking refined oil regularly will increase the risk of cancer. Hence people who are using refined oil can switch over their option to unrefined oil. In case, if they are not comfortable with this oil, they can prefer using the olive oil as they hold several health benefits. Using olive oil and coconut oil will support the functioning of immune system and also helps in maintaining the body weight.


Even though the nutritional values will differed in different types of mushrooms, they are considered as the wonderful ingredient to fight cancer. This is because in natural the mushrooms are stated as the immune enhancers. Thus, adding mushrooms to the diet will help in increasing the body immunity level. Various clinical studies have also proven that mushrooms are the powerful ingredients for fighting cancer. Since many delicious foods can be made out of mushrooms, adding them to the diet will not be difficult.


Tomatoes is a great cancer fighting food. Tomatoes are always a part in almost all the interesting recipes. Many people are using this juicy fruit just for the taste and for the flavor they produce. But the fact is tomatoes have the power of eliminating the cancer cells. Especially they can be used to get rid of the prostrate and stomach cancer cells. While considering the cooked tomatoes, the presence of lycopene will get enhanced and they can be used to eliminate the endometrial cancer.


From kids to the elder ones everyone can intake nuts to make a better concern over their health. In addition to these benefits, they are also proven to be the wonderful fighter of cancer cells. The phytosterols present in the nuts will stop estrogen receptors which can help in fighting against the breast cancer. If interested, one can add nuts to their recipes or they can be munched for better benefits.

Apart from these, there are several other green vegetables which sound good to cancer fighting food. Even though there is much stuff to intake for fighting cancer, there are also many food items which can lead to cancer. For example, animal fats, processed meat, excessive alcohol and other related factors can pay way for cancer. Hence people who are interested in staying out of cancer must not only concentrate on the above mentioned foods but they must also consult the dietician to stay out of the food items which can cause cancer. It is to be noted that the impacts of cancer will be very severe and in most cases they end up in death. Hence instead of concentrating on the cancer medications, one can initiate better steps to prevent cancer and to lead a healthy lifestyle.