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High Protein Foods That Are Incredibly Good For You!

High Protein Foods

To keep your tummy satisfied and yourself full of energy, high protein foods will be really recommended. Do you know these foods heal and rebuild new cells in your body to keep you going throughout the day? A lot of their wholesome efforts go into making your day vibrant. If you are not getting enough protein, you need to tweak your diet with a lot of it. You can get protein from a variety of sources which I will be sharing with you in this blog. Do try these and stuff in as much protein as you can.

1. Egg as a protein rich food

That eggs are really good for health is a secret not so hidden anymore! But did this secret help you? Perhaps eggs are one of the best protein foods you can have access to anywhere and any time of the day. Do you know how much protein eggs can give you in one go? 1 whole egg has 6 grams of protein! And considering the myth that eggs are not good for you in summers, let me clear it right away. There is no denying that these can raise heat in your body. But this heat will help you to burn more calories. This fact surely doubles up the benefits of whole eggs, doesn’t it?

2. Almond as a protein rich food

The popular nut is a rich source of protein and here is why. Almonds are healthy nuts. A loss of energy is inevitable if you don’t get enough of proteins everyday. Adding just 10 of these to your daily diet plan can change the way how you feel. Almonds help you feel full. When those little hunger pangs don’t seem to be satisfied even after a proper meal, that would be the best time to snack on these. Along with protein, they have dietary fiber too. So, you see, almonds are so faithful. They selflessly put in everything they have to maintain your health.

3. Chicken as a protein rich food

Chicken is known for the good supply of protein. Eating chicken 2 to 3 times a week will be very good for your health. However, as long as you cook it healthily with a lot of greens, you can happily have it 5 to 6 times every week. And do you know the best thing about this food? Chicken breasts taste delectable! I am sure you will love to have it. 1 roasted chicken breast will give you 53 grams of protein.

4. Oatmeal as a protein rich food

Oatmeal has given us access to gluten-free whole grains on the planet. It is incredibly nutritious and loaded with a lot of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and fiber. Along with a good supply of protein, oatmeal will also help you to lose weight and maintain your blood sugar levels. Relishing it in the morning will keep you satiated and full for a longer time. You can add fruit and nuts to make the meal tastier.

5. Cottage cheese as a protein rich food

Do you know what makes cottage cheese so good for you? Is it the overwhelming creamy flavour or the softness? Along with these, the healthful food owes its goodness to calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, copper, phosphorous and so much more! 1 bowl of fresh cottage cheese cubes will give you 28 grams of protein. You can make the best of this rich source of protein with a salad of leafy greens.

6. Yogurt as a protein rich food

Yogurt is one of the high protein foods you should have everyday. It is an excellent source of calcium, vitamin D and potassium. For health conscious souls, yogurt makes it easy to maintain their weight even when they don’t get enough time to move their body. And for those who just can’t be hungry after the gym, snacking on yogurt topped with a lot of fruits would perfect their physical fitness routine.

7. Milk as a protein rich food

Milk has been a good source of calcium since so many ages. Milk will supply you with the valuable nutrients that you will need for a healthy body. You can boost your protein intake everyday with a big glass of milk. But of course, if you are intolerant to the taste of it then you can always opt for the flavoured one. The fulfilling appetizer will surely help you in losing weight.

8. Broccoli as a protein rich food

Broccoli is another best protein food for you. This green vegetable is here to make a very healthy contribution to your protein intake diet plan. Among all the vegetables, broccoli is very high in protein. Along with that, it is also sourced with vitamin A and vitamin C. At the same time, it will lower your cholesterol, detox your body and give you anti-inflammatory benefits too.

9. Lentil (masoor ki dal) as a protein rich food

Lentils are one of the nutrient-dense foods that will not only maintain but also repair the cells in your body. Half a cup of these will give you 9 grams of proteins. A steaming bowl of lentils cooked with finely chopped vegetables will be ideal for healthy weight management. Eating these at night will help you with an easy digestion due to the insoluble dietary fiber.

10. Pumpkin seed as a protein rich food

Pumpkin seeds are the perfect seeds to assist your diet. But do you know why? These are one of the most admirable gifts of nature that are packed with a lot of health benefits along with a fantastic taste. One-fourth cup of these can satisfy your daily protein needs up to 16 percent. The fact may shock you but pumpkin seeds have more fiber than nuts. Fiber will enhance the health of your digestive system as well.

11. Fish as a protein rich food

Everyone wants a dinner that perfects the night with a sumptuous taste. When it comes to a protein-packed dinner with a yumminess, I will definitely suggest you to go for fish. Salmon has high levels of nutrients and protein. Grill it along with broccoli and carrots for a distinct flavour. Tuna is another meaty fish that will make the best choice.

12. Shrimp (jheenga machli) as a protein rich food

Along with weight management, shrimps also have amazing health benefits like lowered risk of cardiovascular diseases, eye fatigue prevention, strong bones and brain. Shrimps have great amount of protein and vitamin D in them. These will be a popular option for you if you want to lose weight fast. Quite interestingly, these are high in iodine too. Iodine helps in controlling energy when your body is at rest.

13. Peanut (mungfali) as a protein rich food

Peanuts taste amazing and you may be munching on these everyday. But did you know that these are an endless supply of protein? In addition, these rich sources of energy also contain essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants. You can enjoy the nutritional benefits of these round the year. But just in case you don’t feel like having the nuts, you can have peanut butter with brown bread as a delish evening snack.

14. Chia seed as a protein rich food

Chia seeds will deliver you a massive amount of nutrients and protein. Their exploding popularity has been quite a gain to the health conscious people. The most fun way to eat chia seeds would be with smoothies or juices. Add half a teaspoon of these to any juice or smoothie you may like and guzzle! And here is another easy way to eat these. Make chia water by soaking 40 grams of the seeds in 1 litre of water for 30 minutes. Drink this water throughout the day.

And here is the ultimate food for metabolism!

If you are a vegan, sprouts will be one of the high protein foods. 1 cup of sprouts can fill up to 6 percent of your daily protein requirement. Here I have for you a delicious sprout salad recipe that will get you addicted in no time! Take 2 cups of sprouted mung beans and put them in a big bowl. Add 1 finely chopped onion, tomato and green chilli to it. Add one-fourth teaspoon of red chilli powder and half a teaspoon of chaat masala. Boil 1 potato and cut it into small pieces. Add it to the bowl. Mix the ingredients well then drizzle half a teaspoon of lemon juice. This will make up for a great snack for every evening.