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Jio- the most trending network in India

Jio- the most trending network in India

A network which is highly trending in India in current trend is Jio. This is a largest 4G network which was being launched by the reliance group of companies. Mukesh Ambani – the Chairman of Reliance industries launched Jio along with its exclusive offers. It can be said that the launch of Jio have caused a great network revolution throughout India. Many people who were using other networks have switched over their option to Jio because of the exclusive offers provided on behalf of their launch. The Data package provided by this company is considered to be the cheapest in the world.

The ultimate aim of the launch

Right from the day of their launch, the Jio network is highly accessed by more number of people across India. It has reached almost all the cities and even the rural places. But as per the statement of Mukesh Ambani, it seems that the results are not satisfying. Hence Ambani added that the ultimate aim of the company is to reach 90% of the population in India. Since Ambani was very confident about the launch he also added the deadline to reach the goal. According to his statement, the company is supposed to reach 90% of the population within March 2017.

Wi-Fi hotspots

Since the ultimate aim of the company is declared, the company is in the process of creating million of Wi-Fi hotspots throughout India. According to the plan, the company is about to built one million hotspots within June 2017. The benefit of creating hotspots is the users will get additional data apart from their plan. For example, people who are choosing a plan of 4GB will get 8GB data. And this extra data can be accessed through the Wi-Fi hotspots. Most of the locations of the hotspots were declared at colleges, schools and in other places where more public crowd is being engaged.

Free voice calls

While coming to the offers provided in Jio, many users were attracted to the free voice calls. All the voice calls raised by the Jio users will be completely free of charge. But this offer is meant only for the voice calls within India. Along with this feature, the roaming charges for Jio were declared to be nil. Wherever the users move within India, they will not be charged additionally for roaming. These two offers have attracted the business people to a greater extent as they often move around places for their work.

Cheapest Data

Ambani in his speech, have stated that the Reliance industries are in the task of making data affordable for all the people. According to the recent news, it was stated that Jio is about to offer 1GB of data just for 50inr. And this is also considered to be the basic rate of Jio. Along with this, the Reliance Company also affords 8GB of data access from the hotspots. And the internet data is completely free if they are accessed at night time.

Credits of Jio sim

As per the networks and the data package in current trend, Jio can be considered as the wisest option. Many people have also tested their speed and delivered positive feedbacks. The minimum speed for downloading in this 4GB plan is about 14mpbs. This sim will help in getting rid of the problems like buffering, sudden loss of connection and other related problems which usually occur while accessing large volume of data. The important benefit is, as stated above, the voice calls throughout India is absolutely free. And because of the launch offer, the data is complete set free for all the Jio users till January 1, 2017.

Overall it can be said that the Jio network is a wonderful dedication for the people who are accessing data or internet to a greater extent. Even though the benefits of this network are considered to be vast, buying the SIM is not a great deal. All one need to buy a Jio SIM is the aadhaar card. Once if the SIM card is obtained, it will get activated within 24 hours. This timing may get differed, but at any extent they will get activated within 24 hours.