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Let’s Go Nuts For A Good Health!

benefits of almonds

Do you want to discover how to burn fat in no time? Are you on the run to restore the lost moisture to your skin? Do you desire smooth and glowing skin always? Is looking young and youthful forever one of your dreams? Do you also want to start your day energetically? Your perfect life is just a few crunchy almonds away. Yes, it’s time to munch on a handful because almonds are a superfood too! The health benefits of these nuts will inspire you only to eat more and more everyday. Let’s read what more good almonds can do to you!

1. Health benefits of almonds for cholesterol

Almonds will supply you with a lot of monounsaturated fats. With these, you can lower your bad cholesterol. You will be amazed at the research that shows a 4.4% decrease in bad cholesterol levels of those who had a handful of these nuts everyday. These delicious nuts, when eaten regularly will raise your good cholesterol levels. So, whether you eat them raw, baked, fried, salted or soaked, the flavour and benefits will keep getting better and better.

2. Health benefits of almonds for cancer prevention

Detoxifying the body is one of the first steps to prevention of the fatal disease, cancer. And the fiber present in almonds will help you with that. It allows the food to move through your digestive system more efficiently. In fact, the high fiber content gets this nut listed as a food for preventing colon cancer. Besides fiber, almonds are also rich in vitamin E, flavonoids and phytochemicals. These attributes help in preventing growth of breast cancer cells.

3. Health benefits of almonds for diabetics

Do you know almonds can help you in decreasing your blood sugar levels? Consuming a handful of these diabetes-friendly nuts after a meal will help you in stabilizing your blood sugar levels. These would be really essential for people with Type 2 diabetes. While it can be tough for diabetics to know which food is good for their body, almonds can be added to any food for a big nutritious punch.

4. Health benefits of almonds for energy

Do you have a tough time making it throughout the day? Don’t reach for cups of coffee anymore to keep you going all day long. Munch on almonds instead. These bite-sized nuts will surprise you with manganese, riboflavin, and copper as their elements. These elements are enough to give you much energy for the day. If you often feel weak and out of energy, simply include almonds in your morning diet.

5. Health benefits of almonds for birth defect prevention

Almonds are especially high in folic acid. But how does this property benefit your health when it comes to birth defects? Folic acid is a sure shot solution against birth defects. It has a huge role to play in the growth of healthy cells and tissue configuration. Almonds will be really important for development of a healthy fetus. Pregnant women who eat a lot of almonds have babies without any neural tube defects.

6. Health benefits of almonds for brain

Here is a blessing of the nut for brain you would have heard most commonly. Almonds have L-carnitine and riboflavin. These nutrients will help in an incredible growth of brain cells. Surprisingly, almonds also have phenylalanine, the chemical that is known for boosting the cognitive functions of the brain. To get the maximum strength for your brain, Ayurveda will advise you to have 5 soaked ones in the morning.

7. Health benefits of almonds for bones

The presence of vital micronutrients, like calcium and phosphorus, make almonds a superfood. These double up the strength of your body. Eating these nuts will surely build your bones healthy. Besides that, an increased absorption of nutrients will be truly required for adults and small children in particular.

8. Health benefits of almonds for anemia

If you feel constantly fatigued or dull, there are slight chances that you may be having anemia or may be vulnerable to it. But thanks to almonds, you can easily avoid this condition with healthy growth of red blood cells. Anemia results from iron deficiencies. Having just 4 to 5 almonds everyday will manufacture extra iron to you.

9. Health benefits of almonds for maintaining weight

The naturally nutty almond butter, despite its calories, will not raise your weight. The calories will not be absorbed by your body. So, there are no chances for these to turn into fat. This means you are up for this treat any time of the day! It will keep your tummy satiated and help you in shedding some pounds at the same time. If you don’t have almond butter, you can also chop the nuts and add them to your salad.

10. Health benefits of almonds for heart

Is almond butter healthy for your heart too? Surely, it is! For a healthy heart, almond butter would be an awesome way to have proteins. Nut butters have been favourite for generations, but the one made with almond has a flavour and benefits so unbeatable. Being an unsaturated fat, it nourishes your heart with good serotonin levels. Thus, you can sleep better at night.

11. Health benefits of almonds for teeth and gums

As I told you earlier as well, almonds are way too excellent for their calcium content. These nuts will assist you in curing dental problems like sensitivity of teeth and unhealthy gums. However, almonds with their coverings on might not be easy on your jaw. That is why I will advise you to soak a few overnight. The process will make them soft and more delicious as well.

12. Health benefits of almonds for muscles and nerves

The little pieces of crunchy almonds are so generous that they have a host of benefits for every part of your body, even for your nervous system and muscles. This attribute of the nuts owes to the minerals present in these. So, now you know what you have to do for healthy metabolism and bone tissue.

13. Health benefits of almonds for body tissues

Now I am going to tell you something that might startle you a lot! Believe it or not, but with almond butter, the nuts reach their fullest potential possible. And why is that? Almond butter has the significant oxidant vitamin E in it. Vitamin E protects the body tissues from oxidative damage. And along with that, a spoonful of the butter also neutralizes free radicals.

14. Health benefits of almonds for digestion

Almond milk is another delectable way to enjoy these nuts. Besides being enjoyable, it also has a lot of fiber into it. This fiber will assist you in quickly digesting whatever you ingested. In fact, almond milk is preferred largely when indigestion attacks. It flushes out unwanted and damaging toxins. And as a bonus, a fresh glass of almond milk will boost the metabolic rate of your body.

15. Health benefits of almonds for memory

You would have heard everybody telling you that almond is the most natural you can sharpen your memory. Well, they are right and here is why. Almonds are rich in potassium and when combined with milk, these supply you with minerals and electrolytes significantly needed for your health. These help in raising your mental alertness and sharpening your memory.

16. Health benefits of almonds for physical strength

If you are looking for a good source of proteins to build your muscles, you should look no further than almonds and almond milk. For total-body strength and strong muscles, almond milk will be the real super drink. Proteins are what you need for healthy and strong muscles. These also work well for damaged tissues. For athletes, especially, almond milk will be a nutritional drink highly recommended.

17. Health benefits of almonds for fever

Will it surprise you to know that bitter almond essential oil can help in lowering your body temperature during fever? The alkaline elements in it will ward off any fungus, bacteria or virus spreading in your body. You don’t need to consume it. Massaging your body with the oil is all the trouble you have to go through.

18. Health benefits of almonds for skin

Besides coconut oil, almond oil can be another substitute for you. If you want a flawless and healthy skin at the same time, you should definitely massage with almond oil at least four times a week. It has exceptional moisturizing properties. It is a good way to prevent prickly skin, acne, blackheads and rashes in scorching summers. To minimize skin damage from sun, you can also use almond essential oil as a sunscreen.