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Little Poppy Seeds For Big Achievements

Health benefits of poppy seeds

Legend has it that the little poppy seeds, also known as khus khus, have been generous to everyone always with their big benefits. While these extremely favourable ingredients can surely add a pleasing aroma to any and every cuisine, poppy seeds supply immense nutrients and minerals as well. Along with the light and nutty flavour, the seeds also offer a high nutritional value to our health. Ancients reaped the benefits of these to their advantage. It’s time for us to learn from them. So, let’s read more to know what health benefits we can enjoy with poppy seeds.

1. Health benefits of poppy seeds for skin infections

Being a powerhouse of antioxidants together with essential nutrients, khus khus can make the skin healthy and younger looking too. The linolenic acid in these reduces inflammation and terminates eczema on skin. A poppy seed paste, made with lime juice, water or milk, will be really helpful for the purpose. And as an effective painkiller, the paste can also reduce any pain, swelling, burning or itching on the skin.

2. Health benefits of poppy seeds for rough skin

People with not so smooth skin would agree that every time they touch their face, they feel agitated and annoyed. Here is a piece of good news for them! A paste made from khus khus can be used as a brilliant moisturizer to make skin smooth and soft. Applying the paste twice a week will supply the skin with enough moisture. Cleansing with a poppy seed scrub can make the skin look more fresh, clearer and free of any blemishes.

3. Health benefits of poppy seeds for hair

Unsaturated fatty acids, like magnesium, calcium and zinc, contribute to the health of hair. And poppy seeds are blessed with these in really high amounts. A mixture of khus khus and curd can be used for treating the scalp against falling hair, split ends and dandruff. With regular use, this pack will add to the longevity of hair.

4. Health benefits of poppy seeds for digestion

Eating unhealthy food can be one of the major causes of digestion issues, especially among small children and young adults. And at often times, indigestion can trigger constipation and diarrhoea. The magical poppy seeds can help in avoiding indigestion with their insoluble fiber amounts. These will also normalise the stools and treat constipation.

5. Health benefits of poppy seeds for sleep

Most of us, every now and then, fuss about sleeplessness as well as a poor quality of sleep. Getting sound and comfortable sleep is very important for our health and supply of energy throughout the day. Rather than guzzling endless cups of coffee, just 1 glass of a poppy seed drink will relax the stress levels in the body with its calming effect. And what is more interesting? The improvement will be visible with every fresh drink made from the seeds.

6. Health benefits of poppy seeds for energy

Khus khus seeds have another amazing property to startle us all! Just a spoonful of these can give us a lot of energy. This is probably because these seeds are good sources of complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates are macronutrients which are required by our body for high levels of energy. In fact, these also help us in preventing fatigue by absorbing calcium.

7. Health benefits of poppy seeds for blood pressure

High blood pressure can be a cause of deadly heart attack and stroke. Maintaining the blood pressure levels is, therefore, important. Khus khus contains oleic acid, this acid is very helpful in lowering the blood pressure levels. People with high blood pressure should definitely consume poppy seeds as a part of their regular diet.

8. Health benefits of poppy seeds for vision

By now, we all have become familiar with zinc as one of the vital elements in khus khus. As per certain studies, this is the mineral that can help us in maintaining the health of our vision. Severe eye diseases like macular degeneration can also be prevented with these highly nutritious seeds. More interestingly, the antioxidants in khus khus are also favourable for the eyes.

9. Health benefits of poppy seeds for bones

We might never have given a thought to it but khus khus is one of the foods good for the strength of our bones. Being rich in copper, phosphorus, manganese and calcium, these not only make the bones strong but also add more power to connective tissue. The presence of phosphorus and manganese in khus khus helps these seeds in aiding collagen production. This protein prevents bones from getting damaged.

10. Health benefits of poppy seeds for brain

Our food choices really count when it comes to the health of our brain. While we do know what foods are bad for our brain, we should also know the good ones. And the most beneficial among these is khus khus. When our brain requires the vital nutrients like iron, copper and calcium, poppy seeds supply us with all of these in one go. And by regulating the neurotransmitters, these enhance the brain functions as well. So, in a way, these seeds also prevent any cognitive disorders.

11. Health benefits of poppy seeds for heart

It will interest us to know that poppy seeds have secured a good place among the high dietary fiber foods. Khus khus is kind enough in lowering the cholesterol levels, thus contributing more health to the heart. And poppy seed oil will be most beneficial for this purpose. All we need to do is simply add this ingredient to our everyday diet for a happy and disease-free heart.

12. Health benefits of poppy seeds for diabetics

That poppy seeds are high in fiber as well as manganese is a fact popular the world over. And it would be needless to tell that fiber is of much importance for the health of diabetics. People affected by diabetes will have fewer chances when it comes to food with fewer calories and fat. Popping up poppy seeds will make them feel full for hours.

13. Health benefits of poppy seeds for immunity

It was believed by our ancestors that khus khus can assist in the growth of immune cells in the body. This could probably be due to the presence of iron in the seeds. Zinc, being another powerful element present in khus khus, adds more strength to the immune system. Zinc has the ability to clear off any respiratory ailments.

14. Health benefits of poppy seeds for mouth ulcers

It is quite satisfying to know that these common kitchen ingredients play a generous role in mouth ulcer treatment. Poppy seeds have a cooling effect. That is why these come handy when mouth ulcers have to be cured. As per the Ayurvedic principles, khus khus makes up for a painless and natural home remedy for mouth ulcers.

15. Health benefits of poppy seeds for female fertility

Blocked fallopian tubes can be one of the causes of female fertility problems in women. In fact, several studies conducted to check out this benefit reveal that poppy seed oil does boost fertility when flushed into the fallopian tubes. At the same time, it also rinses away any mucus or debris present within.

16. Health benefits of poppy seeds for kidney

Kidney stones are really painful hard deposits. And sometimes, the excess of calcium can also develop these. But cutting down the intake of calcium will not be good for us. Khus khus brings to us the easiest way to prevent these and here is why. Poppy seeds contain potassium which is an important mineral for treatment of kidney stones. These also absorb extra calcium, thus preventing the kidney stones in a larger way.

17. Health benefits of poppy seeds for thyroid

Poppy seeds are common kitchen ingredients that help us with thyroid problems too. It is very crucial for us to take care of our thyroid gland for the smooth functioning of other body organs related with it. Since khus khus is immensely rich in zinc, it always keeps the thyroid gland happy with a good health. It also manufactures iodine to the body, the deficiency of which can be another cause of thyroid disorders.

18. Health benefits of poppy seeds for cancer prevention

Isn’t it fantastic that the little poppy seeds are brave enough in making our body anti-cancerous? If we have our hands on the tincture of poppy seed plant, we can treat cancerous ulcers the natural way with calcium and oxidants in it. Khus khus is surely a promising agent that fights and prevents the fatal disease. So, let’s make sure we eat our fill of poppy seeds everyday.