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Myths Debunked! Peeling The Truth About Bananas!

Myths about bananas

Loving bananas is easy. The soft texture and sweet flavour make them great. They are healthy too. But thanks to the endless everyday rumours that we have developed gross misunderstandings about the fruit. Many of us do halt to think before adding it to our daily diet. Banana may have less of water and more of flesh. Be that as it may, should we really be avoiding the fruit?

The fate of the fruit is not as bad yet as we may be thinking. In the diets of millions, bananas are still a staple. On the funny side, tracing back the story to the Garden of Eden, it was apple and not banana that was the forbidden fruit. Though I do love apples as much as I love bananas, I cannot be biased for any fruit, nor should anyone else be, especially when it comes to this curved yellow fruit. To be sure, there are many interesting facts about bananas that we should know. So, here I am to clear off every bit of pure confusion and give you many good reasons to enjoy bananas.

Banana Myth #1: Bananas can be bad for health. There is too much sugar in them.

Are bananas really no different from candies? Let’s get started with busting the most common of banana myths. Well, I do admit that bananas are sweet and that the sugar in them may not be in small amounts. An average medium banana usually has 14 grams of sugar in it, which would equal the quantity of sugar in one ounce of dark chocolate. But while dark chocolate has all added sugars, the sweetness in bananas is only natural.

Banana Myth #2: Diabetics should not and must not eat bananas.

Knowledge can be really dangerous, I mean, if it is of the wrong kind! The lip-smacking fruit loves everyone alike, including the diabetics. The soft flesh of bananas can satisfy the sweet cravings of diabetics without harming them at all. Besides, the fiber in this fruit is another reason why it is good for people with high blood sugar levels. An average banana has 3 grams of fiber that can reduce the absorption of sugar in blood. Some of this fiber is sourced from pectins which regulate the digestion of carbohydrates. Bananas and healthy nuts like almonds and peanuts will make a delectable pair to make their sweetness more enjoyable.

Banana Myth #3: Bananas are fattening. They can add a lot to our weight.

Can eating bananas make us fat? Nope! Allow me to clear the most believable of banana myths here itself. Banana isn’t the fruit blessed with a high number of calories. In fact, it is a low-calorie food that has only half a gram of fat. There is no denying that eating a lot of sugar can be digested, absorbed and get stored in our body as fat. But this is when we are eating and not overeating. And when it comes to overeating, it is not just banana, eating too much of anything can build more fat in our body.

Banana Myth #4: Losing weight with banana is the funniest thing ever!

Are we still wondering if banana is weight-loss friendly? Let’s find out if it can really cut down on the fat in our body. This might be startling but if truth be told, banana is humble enough to cause us no harm. Certainly, the fruit is loaded with carbohydrates. And carbohydrates should be avoided if we want to lose weight. But banana contains good carbohydrates that support not only weight loss but weight management as well. Over and above that, the fiber in this fruit helps us to feel full for longer.

Banana Myth #5: To satisfy a nutritional need, a banana can be a bad choice.

Every now and then, it really saddens me to know that in the mesmerising world of fruits, bananas, over time, have come to be honoured with a bad repute. In point of fact, bananas and health go hand in hand. A usual-sized apple has 19 grams of sugar and much less protein than a banana. Furthermore, one cup of grapes, when compared to 1 whole banana, contains 23 grams of sugar, less fiber and less protein. Though there are other fruits, less sugary than this hotly debated one, that we can choose, a banana can satisfy up to 17% of our daily vitamin C requirements. Additionally, the fruit also has 12% daily value of potassium and 22% daily value of vitamin B6.

Banana Myth #6: Banana is one food we should avoid during fits of high blood pressure.

This one too is the most believed among banana myths. That banana is bad for us if we are having high blood pressure is just another well-circulated piece of confusion. To tell the truth, it can help in lowering the blood pressure, probably because it is full of potassium. And isn’t potassium the same element doctors do tell us to get in our system for controlling and maintaining our blood pressure? Surely it is! And into that bargain, one of the most interesting facts about bananas is that the fruit has many real health benefits for us. The high fiber content fruit is good for our heart, digestive system and eyes too.

Banana Myth #7: Bananas can only be used in sweet recipes.

We are always up for our favourite desserts like banana bread pudding, banana with chocolate syrup, banana oat cookies, Nutella and banana sandwich, peanut butter and banana smoothie. But there are still many great recipes, not necessarily sweet, that have this fruit in them. To have the truth in no time, we should right away dig into spiced banana fritters, crunchy banana chips, raw banana kebabs, banana cutlets and pan-fried bananas. These mouth-watering delicacies will surely change the way we have been looking at the fruit.

Banana Myth #8: Growing banana tree can be difficult. It surely means a lot of work.

Banana trees look so beautiful. A banana tree of our own means access to delight, near us and whenever we want. But is it really hard to grow? Of course not! Growing the tree can be very easy, the conditions being moderate rainfall and a warm weather. A good location to grow will be an added bonus. And for those who don’t have ample space in their yard or ground, a pot would be an excellent option too.

A bit of fun before I draw to a close

The meek banana peel was never really a threatening object, rather a popular piece of slapstick comedy! Way back, in the 20th century, the pleasing flavour of bananas earned popularity so much so that people snacked a lot on these. Inevitably, tossed banana peels could be found littered everywhere on the streets. These peels would end up being rotten and slimy. And people could not help but slip on rotten banana skins. It is very rare to see the slip-and-fall gag in the present times. But above and beyond everything, we now have many helpful reasons to ingest bananas everyday.