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Sweating Too Much? Here are the Most Useful Remedies for You!

Home Remedies for Sweating

If you sweat a lot and that too quite easily, you would really love to read today’s blog. Sweating too much can be so embarrassing at times, especially if you are out for a social gathering. But can sweating be controlled? And won’t it be more amazing if you could stop sweating naturally? Indeed, this is possible. You will be really astonished with the simple and natural remedies for sweating I have for you. These will help you regulate your sweat glands. Let’s have a look!

1. Tomato juice for excessive sweating

You will be quite amazed to know that tomatoes can shrink your pores and reduce too much of sweating by controlling your internal temperature. That is why a diet rich in tomato will be helpful for you. But you can also apply it directly to reap the benefits. Tomato juice is one of the highly effective home remedies for sweaty hands. Apply tomato juice to your hands and areas that sweat the most. Keep it for 10 minutes before you wash.

2. Green tea for excessive sweating

As you would already know, green tea stops the bacterial growth and detoxifies your body. When it closes the pores naturally, it will help you in controlling sweating as well. If you drink green tea 3 to 4 times a day, you will see less of sweat. Or you can place some ice cubes in green tea and dab it on your sweaty areas with a cotton ball.

Green tea for excessive sweating

3. Black tea for excessive sweating

Did you know black tea has antiperspirant properties? This clearly means it can remove the excess of oil from your skin. All you have to do is take some hot water in a small tub and soak 4 or 5 black tea bags in it. Now put your hands and feet in it for 30 minutes at least. It will calm the sweat glands and prevent the flow of sweat to the outer skin.

4. Cornstarch and baking soda for excessive sweating

Cornstarch and baking soda make for excellent home remedies for sweating . These are natural agents that absorb water. Baking soda being alkaline in nature, it will counterbalance body odour. Cornstarch too is an effective natural deodorant. A mixture of these two will help you to create your own natural powder deodorant. Mix 2 parts of cornstarch and 3 parts of baking soda. Apply and leave it on your skin for 30 minutes. Then wash with cold water.

5. Indian lilac (Neem) oil for excessive sweating

Indian lilac oil tops the most useful remedies for excessive sweating. Indian lilac, or neem, is the well known herb in Ayurveda that can benefit you in ways more than you can think. Indian lilac oil is powerful and antibacterial in nature. That is why it can control sweating. To get instant relief, mix Indian lilac oil with lavender or jasmine oil. Then dab it on your sweaty hands and feet.

Wheatgrass (Gehu) juice for excessive sweating

6. Wheatgrass (Gehu) juice for excessive sweating

Wheatgrass is a natural detoxifier that is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6. Wheatgrass will successfully neutralize the acids in your blood. Wheatgrass juice remedy is really simple. Drink 1 tablespoon of the liquid everyday. This will reduce the flow of sweat considerably.

7. Potato for excessive sweating

Did you know sodium works wonderfully in retaining water in your body. Potato is one such food rich in it. Potatoes absorb surplus of water from your skin. But rather than consuming these, applying them directly on your skin will give instant relief. Just slice a potato and rub it across your hands, feet and armpits.

8. Tea tree oil for excessive sweating

Tea tree oil is an amazing home remedy that fights against sweat-causing bacteria. Since it is inexpensive and safe, you can use it anytime. Take 1 cotton ball and soak it in tea tree oil. But if your skin is really sensitive, I will advise you to dilute the oil. Mix half a cup of water and 4 to 5 drops of the oil. Now dab it on your underarms regularly. In a day or two, you will begin to feel the effect.

Lemon for excessive sweating

9. Lemon for excessive sweating

Lemon is a popular fruit that is highly rich in citric acid. It goes without saying that lemon is too good to attack bacteria that is causing you to sweat a lot. So, take half a lemon and rub it on your underarms. While you rub, gently squeeze it to extract the liquid. You can also mix a few drops of lemon juice with baking soda and apply it with cotton. Let the remedy rest on your skin for thirty minutes before you rinse.

10. Apple cider vinegar for excessive sweating

Apple cider vinegar will impress you a lot with the wide range of health benefits it has. It will function as an astringent when you apply it directly over your skin. It will close up the pores to help in the removal of bacteria. You can apply it on your skin with a cotton pad. Applying it at night before you sleep will be most beneficial for you.

11. Coconut oil for excessive sweating

Have you ever wondered what makes coconut oil one of the most versatile foods on planet? The fact that it can be used both internally and externally is quite amazing. Massage the areas of your body that sweat a lot with coconut oil every night. But make sure you use only a small amount of it to avoid staining your clothes. The oil will also make your skin more soft.

Sage leaf (Tej patta) for excessive sweating

12. Sage leaf (Tej patta) for excessive sweating

Since the ancient period, people have been using sage leaves as a cure for excessive sweating. A tea made with sage leaves will make for a delicious antiperspirant remedy to treat your problem. Take 1 or 2 teaspoons of dried sage leaves and steep them in a cup of hot water for 5 to 7 minutes. Drinking sage tea will be most favourable for you before you retire to bed.

13. Aloe vera for excessive sweating6 

Aloe vera is one such plant that amazes me every time I think of it. The cooling effect that it has on the skin is helpful in regulating the flow of sweat. Take a fresh aloe vera leaf and cut it open. Now that you have access to the gel within, scoop it with a spoon and apply it to the sweaty areas of your body. Let it air-dry naturally. Wash it with cold water after it has dried completely.

14. White sandalwood for excessive sweating

White sandalwood is an Ayurvedic home remedy for sweating with proven benefits for the skin. Not only will it remove the excess of oil and sweat from your skin, white sandalwood will also keep it dry. Take 1 tablespoon of white sandalwood powder and a few drops of rose water. Make a thin paste. Now add a few drops of lemon juice to this paste. Wash the areas you want to treat. After they have dried, apply this paste. After the paste has dried completely, wash it off with warm water.

Grapes for excessive sweating

15. Grapes for excessive sweating

You would love to gobble some fresh and juicy grapes everyday. But if the sweating is bothering you right now, you can apply them directly onto your skin. Take a few fresh grapes and mash them well. Now apply them to the areas that are sweating the most. Rinse with water after 10 minutes. Pat yourself dry with a clean towel.

16. Cold water for excessive sweat

The simplest of all remedies that you can use at any time of the day is cold water! You can splash it or you can drink it. It will help you both ways. Drinking at least 10 to 12 glasses of cool water every day is essential for you. But if you want immediate relief from sweat, you can soak your hands and feat in it for 15 to 20 minutes.

17. Rosewater for excessive sweat

As much as the sweet fragrance of rose water pleases you, its application on your skin will also amaze you with its admiring effects. All you have to do is wash your sweaty hands and feet. Then apply rose water with a cotton ball. If the sweating is really extreme, you can consider mixing vinegar to rosewater before you apply.

18. Fuller’s earth (Multani mitti) for excessive sweat

Fuller’s earth is known for its cooling and soothing effects on body. That is why this ingredient becomes all the more beneficial in summers. Mix fuller’s earth, rosewater and sandalwood powder in equal amounts. Apply this paste on your skin. It will cover your skin with natural minerals and lower sweating considerably. After it has dried naturally, wash with lukewarm water.