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Why Is Pomegranate So Healthy?

Pomegranate benifits

Did you ever know that pomegranate juice has as many as 100 phytochemicals? And that our ancestors had been using this juice since thousand of years for medicinal benefits? Well, there is no denying about that! Throughout history, people have been eating this fruit. Perhaps, this has made pomegranate a popular ingredient of the everyday health diet. There are many more interesting pieces of information about the fruit that you shouldn’t miss out. Today I will be revealing to you the 18 fascinating pomegranate health benefits. So, if the fruit never excited you before, I bet now it surely will!

1. Pomegranate for antioxidants
Do you know what gives pomegranate seeds the prepossessing red hue? Polyphenol is the chemical that colours them so vibrantly. The chemical is also a storehouse of antioxidants. In fact, pomegranate has a higher number of antioxidants than most other fruits. These are really helpful in reducing inflammation and protecting the body cells from getting damaged.

2. Pomegranate for vitamin C
Next on my list of pomegranate benefits is the amount of vitamin C present in it. You will be really happy to know that the juice of 1 pomegranate can fulfil up to 40% of your everyday vitamin C requirement. But to get the most nutrient out of it, try to opt for fresh pomegranate juice made at home. This will help you in forming up more collagen in your body. Collagen is the structural protein that keeps your body cells together and maintains them.

3. Pomegranate for prevention of cancer
You will be amazed to know that, recently, pomegranate got itself to the spotlight as an effective food to prevent the growth of prostate cancer cells? Well, the chances are quite high that the juice can reduce the possibilities of this deadly disease. Though bigger studies are yet to be conducted, adding this fruit to your diet right away will be a great idea!

4. Pomegranate for prevention of Alzheimer’s disease
Along with a good health, you need a fine memory too. But is there any one food that can help you with both at the same time? Happily, pomegranate, due to so many antioxidants in it can do wonders for you. In fact, the fruit is great not only in protecting your memory but also in preventing you from getting Alzheimer’s disease.

5. Pomegranate for digestion
Pomegranate seeds have astonishing health benefits. If you often feel irritation in your gut, these can help you in reducing the inflammation there. At the same time, it will also help you in improving digestion. The seeds secrete the enzymes that improve the functioning of your digestive system. The fruit will be strongly recommended for people with severe diseases like ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and inflammatory bowel symptoms as well.

6. Pomegranate for anti-inflammatory benefits
The fruit of pomegranate has a really high concentration of antioxidants. This is what makes it a powerful anti-inflammatory food. If you have inflammation in your body, you should definitely include this rich fruit in your everyday diet. As a bonus, pomegranate benefits also help you in healing and preventing oxidative stress as well as damage.

7. Pomegranate for prevention of arthritis
You may be struggling with what to eat and what not to eat when arthritis is affecting your body. Though the research is still going on, scientists are sure that pomegranate juice will cause you no further harm. Pomegranate juice has flavonols. Flavonol is the pigment that helps you in healing the symptoms as well as side effects of arthritis.

8. Pomegranate for prevention of heart diseases
This mesmerising fruit benefits your heart the most. If you want to improve blood flow to your heart then pomegranate will do the trick. And what is more fascinating? The seeds of pomegranate promote healthy sugar levels in your blood. These also help in keeping the arteries from getting thick or stiff in the long run. A heart that is healthy is devoid of plaque and has fewer chances of cholesterol building up in the arteries.

9. Pomegranate for blood pressure
If you are drinking pomegranate juice daily, you will notice no blood pressure issues at all. Blissfully, pomegranate juice is the best natural drink for people who have high blood pressure. As a matter of fact, drinking the juice even in small quantities can lower it quite considerably. That means, it is not always important to drink it in large quantities. What is more important is to start having it everyday.

10. Pomegranate for immunity
And here is the happy news for my beloved readers! Pomegranate is not only the fruit of life but it is also the immune-boosting superfood. With a lot of vitamin C, vitamin E, antibacterial and antiviral nutrients, the fruit prevents many kinds of illnesses and fights of infections too. So give your body the best of what nature has to offer you with the sweet and fruity flavour of pomegranate!

11. Pomegranate for vitamins
By now, you would be knowing that pomegranate is powerful enough to endow you with the abundance of vitamin C. So, here is another fact that will please you more. Along with the goodness of vitamin C, the luscious fruit also has vitamin E, vitamin K, folate and potassium. Though getting off the hard covering to dig into the sweet seeds is quite a task, surely 1 pomegranate is worth adding to your everyday diet.

12. Pomegranate for memory
Even though almonds are very popular for their memory-sharpening activities, recent research and studies reveal that drinking at least 8 ounces of pomegranate juice on a daily basis too can do wonders for your memory. I will definitely suggest this drink for school-going children. A delicious glass of this juice everyday can help them improve their learning abilities.

13. Pomegranate for good sports performance
Do pomegranate health benefits hold something for sport lovers too? Certainly, they do! For sport lovers, pomegranate is much more than a nutritious fruit with a taste so delightful. Soreness and reduced strength often limit people who do a lot of sport activities. This fruit can help them in reducing the soreness and recovering the strength. And as a bonus, it also heals the oxidative damage that may have been caused during the activities.

14. Pomegranate for diabetes
I do admit that pomegranate has a very sweet taste, but the sugar in it will never harm you. If truth be told, our forefathers had been using it since centuries as one of the best traditional home remedies for diabetes. It has a decreasing effect on insulin in your body as well as sugar in your blood. The diabetic-friendly fruit will help you in managing the symptoms better.

15. Pomegranate for treating diarrhoea
Pomegranate health benefits make it a powerful food for the treatment of diarrhoea. The fruit plays a very important role in the secretion of enzymes which in turn help in proper digestion. As a home remedy for diarrhoea, you can consider consuming 1 glass of freshly prepared pomegranate juice with 1 teaspoon of honey.

16. Pomegranate for prevention of anemia
Sadly, anemia has become a very common problem for us these days. But even more distressing is that women have become more vulnerable to it. Drinking pomegranate juice during anemia or for preventing it will stimulate the growth of red blood cells. An ample amount of red blood cells in body will help in combating the symptoms.

17. Pomegranate for skin care
Pomegranate is great for your skin too. One of the most interesting facts about pomegranate is that the fruit suits skins of all types. It can easily soothe a dry and itchy skin. At the same time, it can also benefit the oily skin by lessening the production of the oil and replacing it with more glow. The juice, when applied on the skin, penetrates deep within to moisturize and hydrate it. It also prevents the outbreak of pimples and acne.

18. Pomegranate for removing face scars
Here is the most useful of pomegranate health benefits for you. Pomegranate has properties which help in the regeneration of cells in the layers of the skin. In fact, the oil of pomegranate seeds has many skin friendly nutrients that shield the skin with a layer of protection. You can use the oil for protecting your skin from sunburns and damage due to pollution.

Healthy juices need not be full of spinach always to give you the results you want. So, make sure to rock and roll with your bowl of sweet and red pomegranate seeds everyday.