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Most useful and feature rich wordpress donation plugin

Most useful and feature rich wordpress donation plugin

Best wordpress donation plugin.

WordPress is a very good content management system to build a nice looking and feature rich website. There are thousands of WordPress plugin developer providing free plugins for various type of user need. Wordpres donation plugin

But to find a perfect plugin for your need is a arduous task. So end user WordPress developer has to look at reviews on the plugins.

If you want to add donation form in your website. Then there are many  wordpress donation plugins are available free and paid. But if you want pick a feature rich wordpress donation plugin then we recommend dynamic donation form plugins.

It is a very simple plugins with rich feature. Why? Because this plugin is developed for experts and beginner both type of users.

This plugin is very highly customizable. This is the only plugin which gives you power to customize your donation form direct by code if you are a experts. But if you are a beginner then you can just use short code to render donation form.

And The Second powerful feature that this plugin gives to you is that you can add various type of field in your donation form as many as you want. There are no any plugin that gives you this type of feature.

User can add textfield, list, checkbox ( user can select multiple choices ) and radio button (round tick button user can select only one choice).

And after Adding field to your donation form user can enable and disable any field from donation form without deleting any field.

User can put the shortcode [render_donation_form] in any post or page so this will render your donation form on front side of your WordPress website.

This plugin supports Paypal standard payment, Paypal express checkout and Payflow Pro.

The wordpress donation plugin, wordpress plugin for wordpress, is free if you only want to add Paypal standard payment and Paypal Express checkout method but if you want to add Payflow pro to you WordPress donation form then you have pay a very low fee.

We are also using this wordpress donation plugin, wordpress plugin for wordpress, for our website. You can download this plugin from this link and if you want to purchase premium version of this plugin then you can click here.
Thanks Happy WordPressing.

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